Unusual Backsplash Ideas

Posted on January 12th, 2018 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

When renovating the kitchen, many homeowners are searching for creative alternatives to replace the expected. The backsplash is one area where the unexpected can prevail. The use of traditional tile, while always a safe choice, can be the one wall space area where you can have some creative fun with. Some options to consider are glass, wood, metal, and wallpaper. Subway tiles will certainly remain a favorite but alternative ideas are endless, allowing you to personalize your kitchen.


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Hand Painted or Printed Art 

The use of art is one way to express a homeowners individual style. This can be through the use of a custom painted mural depicting scenes from Europe or through a contemporary watercolor design either hand painted or pre-printed on wallpaper. Glass is then placed over it to protect the the wall from damage.

Everprint® Printed Glass

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One of the more unusual options? – Chalkboard. Need we say more? There’s no way a new recipe is escaping your memory with a chalkboard as your kitchen backsplash. It’s quirky, definitely more of a peculiar taste, and fun for the whole family. Choosing something as unique as chalkboard means cooking with an open-mind; especially when it comes to maintenance.

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Unexpected materials such as wood are chosen to lend a touch of warmth and contrast to the ultramodern designed kitchen. Imagine a pure white selection of cabinetry, flooring and countertop material. The backsplash fitted in oak or walnut immediately warms the room by using an unexpected choice of material.

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Utilitarian metal such as stainless-steel can be a perfect backsplash material  and still be stylish. The popular white modern kitchen of today can look space-age like and will retain its contemporary look for years.

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Full Backsplash

A full backsplash is a creative way to fill space all while adding a luxurious touch to any kitchen setting. This can be executed by carrying the same perimeter countertop’s slab all the way up the wall, until it hits the bottom of the top wall cabinets. A full slab backsplash, whether it be made of natural stone or man-made Quartz, creates an illusion of a larger area as well. Plus, there’s the added bonus of absolutely no grout lines whatsoever making maintenance a breeze. This option isn’t as “unusual” as the others, however, it is sometimes forgotten in comparison to tile backsplashes. It is also more expensive in comparison to tiles.

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The space and shape of the kitchen can dictate the material best suited for it. A galley kitchen that is long and narrow can benefit by the use of mirrors. This reflects light and also gives the illusion of looking larger than it is. Another alternative which is not to be discounted is the use of brick. Installing faux brick sheets for warmth makes for more durability and little to no maintenance. This is a great option if you’re looking to carry on the theme of nearby furnishings as well. White painted brick immediately looks contemporary but provides texture at the same time.  So, while the choices are endless, just use a little imagination to show your unexpected side.

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