Transform Ordinary Landscaping into an Outdoor Oasis

Posted on April 6th, 2018 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

There’s nothing more appropriate than working on the design and condition of your landscape during the Spring/Summer seasons. The weather’s great, the sun’s beaming down illuminating your front and backyard, and suddenly you start envisioning what you want your dream summer home to look like starting from the very surroundings of your household. Take a look at these six sure-fire ways to turn your ordinary landscaping into an outdoor oasis!

 1). Gardening

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If you have quite a lot of free time during the summer, this may be a fantastic hobby to dive into. Once you get started and have a knack for it, gardening can be your source of unwinding and relaxation even on the busiest of days. You don’t have to be a professional botanist to take up gardening either, so that’s always a relief to know. You have the ability and freedom to be as creative as you want whilst growing any flowers, fruits, or vegetables you have in mind making your space truly one-of-a-kind. The joy of making your own turf come to life can be a fulfilling feeling as well! Although gardening may be extremely pleasant and enjoyable after you’ve gotten the hang of it, it can be quite confusing for beginners. It is always a good idea to do some research online or read a book on how to get started so that you get the most out of your gardening experience.

2). Stone Pathways

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 Add a natural stone pathway (using slate or quartzite) leading up to your front door, backyard, or garage!

3). Sitting Wall

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This is a great way to create a border that will separate any flowers beds, bushes, or other patio areas from the rest of your landscape. Added bonus: its name is a dead giveaway – this can easily turn into another seating area which makes it a fantastic two-fer! Sitting walls can be constructed out of thick natural stone pavers which are also available at Stone Tile Liquidators. Contact us for more details!

4). Outdoor Lighting

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Install lighting on your front walkway. This not only a fun way to enhance your home’s visual appeal during the darkest of nights, but to ensure security and safety as well.

5). Benches

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This can be a fabulous DIY project in which you can use natural wood to make your bench look like it grew right from your own backyard. You can also get super crafty and create a bench that drapes around a tree on your property in a full 360 degrees. Everyone loves shaded seating arrangements especially in the warm summer sun. Any company of yours will be sure to appreciate it; the more the merrier!

6). Fire Pits

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What turns an ordinary outdoor experience into a memorable one? “Fire pits!” everyone simultaneously chants. Attracting company like moths to a flame, fire pits heighten the comfort and coziness factor to an untouchable degree. It’s the perfect main attraction for special occasions or simply just an excuse for casually lounging outdoors. There are pre-made pits available on the market or you can choose to custom design your own using natural materials. Learn more about the different types of fire pits by reading our previous blog post that covers all things related. As always, remember to take precaution by checking your local building codes for any safety requirements that need to be assessed.


Written and edited by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera


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