Summer 2018 Interior Design Trends

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

It’s here! Our list of design trends that made the cut for this summer is back and hotter than ever. Pun intended. After conducting a bit of research on both and The LuxPad we’ve concluded that retro styles and natural materials have made a name for themselves once again. New on the radar; colors and items some would never have expected have popped up and are creating an impact we never realized we needed, but are extremely happy we discovered. Modern Vintage is the new craze and we’ve got the inside scoop as to what we can look forward to this year from this fun interior style! Without further ado here is our take on some of the most well-received design trends expected for this summer and the rest of 2018.

Curvy Furniture

Sharp geometric lines have been heavily dominating the game for the past two years, but with time comes change and this year we’re seeing softer edges brought to life with curvy furniture. Curvy, rounded furniture was made insanely popular during the 70s so it makes sense that we’re seeing it come back full swing since the style inspiration of that time has been the trend to follow this year. Round tables are favored amongst smaller spaces as they do not bare long, sharp corners. Circle lounge chairs with matching ottomans are a home run for spaces that seek more of a contemporary touch. Elongated L-shaped sofas with curved corners and arms bring spunk and character to living rooms.

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There is no rule of thumb when it comes to displaying your furniture. For example: just because your sofas are curved doesn’t mean your tables should be as well. You can pair them with rectangular/square coffee and side tables and rugs so as to not keep everything too monotone.

Image result for round dining room furniture Mix and match the stackable YPPERLIG chair in green with the YPPERLIG stool in beech and ODGER chair in white/beige for a relaxed dining setting. Green and white walls add to the ambience.

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That 70’s Vibe

Retro kitchen appliances, furniture, tiling, and the ever-so-iconic color combo of orange and brown – what more could you ask for? Picture the quintessential 70s kitchen but with a contemporary, modern twist. It’s important to balance these elements with up-to-date pieces, otherwise you risk resembling an episode of The Brady Bunch. Unless that’s what you were going for!

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Kitchen appliances such as retro fridges and toasters can be partnered with a chic countertop selection such as white and grey/gold marble and contemporary-styled cabinets.

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The key with vintage furniture is to not overdo it. For example, if your sofas and seating arrangements are going to be vintage, use modern side and coffee tables to achieve a perfect balance. It’s also helpful to keep the looks cohesive throughout the house, meaning if the furniture in the dining room is vintage then the living room should feature the same, especially when the two rooms are connected. Retro furniture can also be counterbalanced by new-age technology and by using modern accessories in lighting, rugs, throws, pillows, and curtains.

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Gold and Brass

These two are thriving in hardware, dining accessories, lighting, furniture, and sculptures alike. Gold and brass, when partnered with this year’s color trends, are a force to be reckoned with.

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Polar Opposites: Minimalism vs Maximalism

On one hand there’s minimalism and on the other, the complete opposite – maximalism.

Think Positive VS Image result for blush pink living room

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Folks that appreciate an airiness, ultimate simplicity, and as much of a “de-cluttered” space as possible are more than likely to take a minimalistic approach to their interior designing.

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Maximalism is making its way into homes with the use of excessive experimentation. This could include oddly shaped furniture, loud colors, bright neon signs, and crazy prints in large quantities.

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Homeowners are more open to take risks into the unconventional now that these trends have emerged. It has become more encouraged to express your personality through your choice of décor at the comfort of your own home while you can. For some time homeowners would cling to safety in good reason; an all-white-everything color scheme and classic shapes and patterns, all favoring one notion. That notion usually baring a large ROI in mind. This would steer homeowners into pushing their personal preferences and tastes to the very bottom of the priority list in order to compromise. Currently it’s become more about creating as much of a livable, intimate, and personable space wherever you are and wherever you go.

Recently designers have noticed a shift in experimentation starting from kitchen cabinetry all the way to bathroom wallpaper (and everything in between).

There’s Wood Everywhere!

Wood of all types including alder, maple, cherry, oak, and birch (to name a few) have been an essential part of the household for ages when it comes to kitchen cabinetry and furniture in general. Even plywood, which some would label outdated, has made its way back on the map with a few modern tweaks and assistance. We’ve always appreciated wooden material in common areas of the household, however, it seems lately we’ve started appreciating it in excess. We don’t see this appreciation coming to an end any time soon either. If anything, we predict the gradual increase in the use of wooden materials to continue for many years to come. Whether it’s flooring, furniture, cabinetry, or accessories, the look and feel of real wood helps you achieve an incomparable warmth no matter the year and location.

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Natural Materials

Speaking of wooden materials (such as wicker), other natural materials such as stones, crystals, traditional clay ceramics, and metals have crept inside our households bringing us even closer to nature. It’s safe to say that this year our recurring obsession with bringing everything from the outside indoors has reached a brand new level. Not exclusive to just kitchens and living rooms, natural materials are now appearing in every area of the home including bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

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Color Trends

Seagreen & Emerald: It’s not surprising to know that seagreen & emerald would be such trending colors this summer, as popular as greenery is. We’ve seen everything from green marble countertops to all-mint color schemes in living rooms. As always, it’s important to provide contrasts for balance such as white tiles and fixtures along with brass hardware for bathroom and kitchen settings. If green is the primary color in the living room among all of the large furniture, we would recommend using either an all-white/all-neutral/or all-black palette combination in accessories. To see how to properly execute a green color-schemed room without going overboard check out the featured photos below!

Related image Related image bathroom vanity

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Pink: From a subtle blush, to a salmon tone, a bold neon, and of course the truest pink of all pinks – this color sensation has been the “talk of the town”. Society’s misconception of this color, labelling it as “too feminine”, has been put to rest. Thankfully there are multiple shades of pink to work with, allowing designers and homeowners the ability to cater to all styles. A hint of blush can act as a neutral component in any setting, while a bright bubblegum or a romantic rose can be used as a highlighting element in both intimate household settings or even in commercial projects.

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Blue: Shades of blue such as sapphire, navy, and cobalt are popping up in spaces where some would normally incorporate the color black. Blues definitely provide a fun alternative and contribute to the idea of bringing nature closer to home mimicking a bold blue sky or ocean.

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Brown: It’s official – brown is the new black! The climb in palettes of light to medium neutrals has been evident for quite a while now, however, rich dark brown hues have become the focal point in these neutral settings. You can pair shades of cream, vanilla, white, beige, and grey with a rich chocolate brown which serves as a pop of color. This is the perfect contrast neutral palette lovers could only dream of. This creates a sense of earthiness as well which is sometimes accompanied by succulents and plants galore.

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Here to Stay/Honorable Mentions:

  • Tropical Prints – continuing its popularity in 2018, tropical prints are predicted to be incorporated in art deco, bedding, and wallpapers, but with a gloomier twist. Instead of the neon or pastel colored palettes we were so used to last year, this year’s tropical print features darker saturations of emeralds and blues paired with black backgrounds for contrast.

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  • Wallpaper – Wallpaper in general has come back with a vengeance. Often feared as “too busy” or “outdated”, technology has allowed for printing that takes any space from bland to lively, modern, and updated. Wallpaper is the ultimate “accessory” that dresses up any room.

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Written & Edited by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera


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