Summer 2018: Design Trends for Pools

Posted on March 16th, 2018 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer and are considering how best to accomplish this at home, think about adding a pool! Designs for pools are no longer standard or “ordinary”. Homeowners with the proper amount of space are designing their yards with the intent to create an oasis. Current trends in pool designs go far beyond just a typical pool surrounded by a typical lawn. Today’s homeowner is focusing more-so on creating the illusion of a five-star resort at the comfort of their own home.  A “stay-cation” is more appealing in today’s uncertain times, so more consumers are now researching what’s hot in pool designs so they’ll never have to leave their backyards ever again. Or at least, for a while (realistically).

Infinity Edge Pools & Knife Edge Pools

Two of the most popular architectural pool designs today are known as, “the infinity edge pool”and “the knife edge pool”. Both designs have mirror-like smooth reflections of still water and are very complicated to construct. The infinity pool edges have visible ledges while the knife edge pool allows water to spill over the edges into a slot which directs the water into a hidden gutter, invisible from view. Viewers are awed when they see what appears to be water floating mid-air. They question how this is possible! This is the jaw-dropping “wow factor” trend that challenges the naked eye with what looks architecturally impossible to design.

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(Contemporary Porch w/Infinity Edge Pool & Exterior Stone Floors via

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(Infinity Pool -Left- : Blasen Landscape Architecture ) (Knife Edge Pool -Right- :

LED Lighting

Enhancing a beautifully designed pool is known as the “amenity factor” trend. The use of LED lighting is spectacular when it is incorporated in both the landscape and the pool. The incredible range of colors far surpasses the one single spotlight in pools of decades past. LED lighting strips will light the pool evenly and consistently while creating a feast-for-the-eyes light show.

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(Photo Source:

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(Photo Source: Hayward Pool Products)

Fire Pits

Another “wow factor” trend to exercise around an already beautiful pool is the use of fire. Fire pits can be included in pool designs and can offer a contrast while providing both light and heat. Tiki torches are often used to illuminate surrounding areas around the pool creating a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. The surface color should be lighter in shade; either white or blue.

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(Fire Pit Source:                                                                 (Lucca Tiki Torch Set:

20 Sophisticated Outdoor Fire Pit Designs Near The Swimming Pool Related image

(Photo Source:                                                                                 (Photo Source:


The hardscaping around the pool is just as important as the pool itself. The type of material used for hardscaping plays a huge part in the overall functionality and appearance of your backyard. Plain cement has been replaced by trends in natural stone and porcelain tile. Natural stones with a polished finish will exude slippery surfaces so it is always best to look into stones that are honed, gauged/cleft, or flamed (all of which provide traction) to prevent any accidents from occurring. Aside from natural stones, there are honed and flamed finishes available in porcelain tiling selections. Actual pool pavers and copings can be found in both natural stone AND porcelain options (believe it or not) thanks to today’s technology. Stone Tile Liquidators offers a great selection of both natural stones and porcelain tiling appropriate for your pool project!


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Written & Edited by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

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