Sleek Bathroom Design Ideas

Posted on December 15th, 2017 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

The bathroom design industry is constantly changing, offering tremendously improved features every few years. New options are available such as self-cleaning toilets, toilets with bidet functions that include a modern, freshly designed look. These new trends, as well as others, are creating excitement and convenience to homeowners looking to update their bathrooms.

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Design excitement for the bathroom includes the connected toilet. This is best described by envisioning the toilet hanging from the vertical wall behind it. The plumbing is also redirected from the floor to the wall, resulting in what appears to be a floating toilet. This allows for the height to be placed with the aging homeowner in mind, but does not look “old”. Instead it looks modern and sleek, making it easier to clean the flooring as well. Another new feature is hands-free flushing toilets that may or may not include a built in bidet. Finally, smart toilets are being designed with built-in night-lights and with a mechanism to self-clean, lightening the work load for the consumer.

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Custom built cabinetry is replacing the traditional medicine cabinet. They are becoming available on the market and can include phone chargers, prescription medicine lock boxes, Bluetooth technology and TV. LED lighting can be included along with USB ports and electrical plugs. Mirrors are the finishing touch.

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Floors and walls are being enhanced using porcelain tile. Thin porcelain tile slabs are used on walls, are low maintenance, and moisture friendly. These tiles are available in small and large sizes and are digitally printed to resemble wood or natural stone. However, the techniques used to produce porcelain tile makes them more durable over time than authentic natural stone. The costs are also much less than authentic stone and marble.

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Finally, automation is becoming more and more important to consumers. In the bathroom, automated lighting and audio systems are popular. Automated window coverings are on the rise with smart phone controls or sleek wall controls also available. Homeowners are staying put in their homes in greater numbers and choosing to remodel with their future needs in mind.

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