When is the Right Time to Renovate?

Posted on December 21st, 2017 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

Homeowners often wait for a major appliance failure before realizing a kitchen remodel can no longer be put off. The option of just replacing the one item that failed or taking on the whole project is the question. Experts say it may just be the right time if the homeowner has had enough, especially if the new replacement item does not fit into the same space as the old one. For other homeowners, wanting to remodel their home so they can enjoy it for personal preferences and wanting to revive it for resale purposes are a few other reasons to take on a remodeling project. Regardless of the reason, approaching a remodel should always begin with thorough research and a concrete plan.

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To be 100 percent frank and honest – the remodeling process will be quite a stressful experience. In fact, the words “stress” and “remodel” go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other! Yes, coming across a few hiccups and making unexpected adjustments along the way is inevitable. It’s times when you’re ready & willing to take on these challenges and feel you’re the most prepared that allow you to take those first steps into the remodeling realm. If you are apprehensive during the research and planning phase, consider putting it off as things may not end well. Being uneasy and fearful rather than excited and hopeful throughout the early phases should raise a red flag for you. Timing is everything.

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Consider living in a newly purchased home for a while to better understand how things work in it before remodeling. Going back in later for another repair is inconvenient as it is not easy nor cost effective. Another example of  wrong timing would be the joyous event of a baby on the way which can put additional urgency on a renovation project. There is already a roller coaster of emotions on board when living through a remodel and a baby due is the straw that can break the camels back for the already stressed parents. When rushed, the remodel can quickly become a nightmare for the homeowner and the contractor. It’s best to not go into renovations while going through any life altering or upcoming major work/family-related events (that you know of, of course) as stress-inducing factors will contribute to everyone starting off on the wrong foot.

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The best time to renovate your home is when there are no doubts clouding your mind or your ability to make difficult decisions. Another way to tell is your heightened level of commitment, willingness, and enthusiasm to start. As mentioned before, there are usually unforeseen circumstances that can occur adding to the stress of the project (as most people find out). Costs can be affected so it helps to have another 10 percent cushion available on top of the estimated total projected cost. Planning the project and being prepared to the fullest extent both financially and educationally will not just transform the home, but the life of the homeowners who will enjoy their home for years to come.

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