Renting Your Home? Install the Right Flooring That Attracts Renters and Boosts Your Home’s ROI Until It’s Time to Sell

Posted on March 30th, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

When upgrading your rental property’s flooring, it’s critical that you consider a few factors –– especially if you want to attract the right renter at the right price while increasing the long-term value of your home. However, to increase the resale value of your home during a rental period, you have to make sure you’re protecting your investment while it’s in the hands of a renter who does not have the same level of attachment as you.

Why Do We Rent Our Homes?

Real estate has always been one of the better investments you can make, especially if you know when/where to buy and when to sell. So, until it’s the right time to sell, many homeowners will lease or rent their second home or property to offset mortgage costs until they’re ready to put it on the market.

Flooring Options That Will Garner Interest from Potential Renters or Lessees

In order to attract renters or lessees, there’s a simple rule of thumb to follow: upgrade your rental home with tile or flooring that would also attract you. The difference is – you’re shopping for tile or flooring that doesn’t have to meet the expectations that your dream home would have. With any rental, you want something aesthetically-pleasing and durable. Durability is as important as beauty because renters do not have the same level of care or concern for your property. By purchasing something durable, your investment will withstand the short-term wear and tear of a renter while maintaining the long-term ROI that prompted you to make the home upgrade in the first place.

Below are some tile flooring choices that are beautiful and durable as well as affordable:

  • Porcelain Tile: Porcelain is as versatile as it gets these days because you know you’re getting something durable as well as easy on the eyes. Furthermore, you can buy porcelain that is designed to look like just about anything else, whether it’s rich hardwood floor or luxurious natural stone such as marble.
  • Travertine: Travertine is a natural stone that offers both beauty and durability despite its natural porosity. However, it presents you with many options that are ideal for any room in your rental home.
  • Slate: Slate is another natural stone that offers pleasing aesthetics and toughness (without a steep price-tag). While you’ll have to seal slate on occasion, it still fits the criteria that rental property owners and lessees want.
  • Any Natural Stone: While certain natural stones can be quite pricey, you can’t go wrong, whether it’s quartzite, granite or marble. Shop the right stores, especially online stores with proven reputations, and you’ll likely find a great natural stone tile supply that will surprise you in terms of price.
  • Bamboo, Concrete, Laminate, Solid Hardwood Flooring are additional options that fit the criteria above to varying degrees. However, each has its disadvantages that porcelain, travertine or any natural stone simply do not have. Some of these options do not work on a room-by-room basis either. So, it’s wise to apply the same material throughout the entire home, allowing you or your renters to utilize rugs as well as furniture of their choice.

Despite the agreements that you may have with most renters or lessees, no one will protect your investment to the degree that you will. That’s why you have to take the necessary steps to not only attract a worthy lessee but protect your property from that very lessee. If you think cheap flooring and new carpet will last post-lease, think again, especially if you want to boost your home’s ROI in case you have to sell shortly after your renter’s lease ends.

Do not take any chances with your home prior to its rental period; tile it with a flooring material like porcelain that you know will withstand any variable or element. Plus, it’s easy-to-clean so it’ll be showroom ready once you’re ready to sell. In real estate, one should always be ready and a smart flooring purchase will allow that, both short-term and long-term.

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