How to Regrout Kitchens, Bathrooms and More

Posted on November 29th, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

If your home has tile flooring or countertops, you will want to know how to regrout. Sometimes only a small area of grout crumbles making the tiles vulnerable to damage. Other times the grout gets dirty and discolored from spills or from not having been sealed in the first place. Restoring the appearance of tile is necessary and serious damage to your floor can occur if missing grout is ignored.

Grout is the cement filler between the tiles. Regrouting is a simple straightforward process requiring knowledge and the right tools. Most do-it-yourselfers can follow a few simple steps to get the job done themselves.

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Tools needed are easily found at home improvement centers or hardware stores. A grout saw can either be manual or an oscillating type with a carbide blade. The removal process is the same for either saw. Without shaving down the tile, dig down in the old grout approximately one-eighth-inch deep for porcelain wall tile and countertop tile. Dig deeper for thick ceramic floor tile grout. Sweep to remove dust thoroughly as leaving dust behind will interfere with the new grout application.

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Grout can be purchased premixed or dry. Mix in a bucket, following manufacturers instructions, until the mixture is thick as peanut butter. Be sure to match the aged color of the existing grout for small areas. A grout float is a rectangular rubber pad with a handle and is used to spread the grout while pushing it in deep. Next, wipe the tiles clean with a damp sponge before the grout begins to dry.

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Grout is porous and must be sealed with a commercial sealer. Sealer prevents bacteria and mold from penetrating into grout and is either sprayed on the grout or applied using a bottle with a brush applicator tip. Wipe up the excess sealer, allow to dry and then admire the job well done.

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