A Refresher Course for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

Posted on October 4th, 2016 by stonetileliquidators

We’ve said it many times: your kitchen MUST have a backsplash in 2016. It’s no longer an option; it’s a requirement. Below you’ll find a few guiding principles when it comes to choosing a kitchen backsplash.

  • Make sure it matches your kitchen’s color palette: Because your flooring, wall color, countertops and appliances bring different colors to the table, it’s important that your backsplash fit in with these various colors. That’s why neutral colors are so popular because they never go out of style and they give you options when it comes to your kitchen backsplash. You can maintain the same neutral color, OR you can make a bold statement with a pattern, texture or brighter colored backsplash in order to stand out from the neutral colored items around it.
  • Don’t limit your backsplash in size: Your kitchen backsplash doesn’t have to wrap around your stove and surrounding kitchen countertops. You can even extend your backsplash up your wall and near your windows if the look warrants it.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative: Most kitchens stick to one design material but there are endless ways you can be creative such as adding a mosaic design behind your stove and then complementing it with a unique material throughout the kitchen. That way, the mosaic stands out as much as possible. You can mix-and-match by having subway glass tile as your primary backsplash, while adding an accent strip in the middle.
  • Use grout to your advantage: Your grout can be the same color as your tile in order to create a seamless look, but many people create the “pop” effect by using a contrasting color for their grout. That way, the tile between your grout can stand out even more. Keep in mind, certain tiles require different anchoring materials.
  • Don’t be afraid to go with an economical choice: If your budget is light, a backsplash is better than no backsplash since your kitchen will have a more modern look while protecting your walls from water, grease and other cooking-related stains.
  • Be careful with trendy design choices: We always recommend that you go with timeless design choices versus the more trendy looks that often lose their appeal in a few years. It’s a big investment for most people and one they cannot afford to do again. Thus, it’s important that you get it right with a conservative design choice.

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