Types of Porcelain Tile

Advances in manufacturing and tiling methods have dramatically increased the designs and styles possible with porcelain tiles. Here’s a list of several popular types of porcelain tile:

Glazed/Unglazed. As the name suggests, glazed tiles have a glazed coating. This coating is necessary to protect any imaging printed onto the tile that’s done with an ink jet cartridge. However, glazed tiles are not full body porcelain like unglazed tiles are. This full body composition gives unglazed porcelain better scratch resistance, impact resistance, and slip resistance. Unglazed porcelain is preferred for commercial applications, high moisture, and high traffic areas.

Wood Look. Most homeowners love the look of wood grain patterning. As such, new wood look tiles have skyrocketed in popularity. The fabrication process that prints the wood look onto the tile surface has become so high-tech that even designers can sometimes be fooled into thinking that they’re seeing the real thing. Great for adding warmth, style, and character to any area. Examples of popular wood look tile include Segato Riverwood, Lodge, Belleville, Venice, Rustic, and Petrified.

Stone Look.  Available in either smooth or rough-hewn looks, man-made or natural stone, stone look tiles are great for delivering an old world appeal to any home space. Full of character, these tiles resist wear and staining very well. Popular styles include Granite, Concrete, Champagne, and Noir.

Marble Look. If you want the distinct veining patterns, rich hues, and earthy feel of marble without the high price, marble look tile may be for you. Today’s marble look tiles are so well fabricated that they fool many an untrained eye into believing they’re the real thing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, lightweight, and easy to maintain. Polished or matte Venato, Crema Marfil, Anthracite Vein Cut, and Dark Emperador are but a few examples of porcelain tiles that faithfully reproduce the appearance of rich Italian marble.

Travertine Look.  The old world villa style is translated well through faux travertine porcelain tile. Featuring hues both subtle and sophisticated, the travertine look fits seamlessly within either a traditional or contemporary décor. Italia Crema, Italia Cappucino, and Manior Café are among the many robust travertine look porcelain tile styles.