Porcelain Tile Learning Center

When it comes to tile, there are few more attractive and versatile options than porcelain. Basically a subtype of ceramic, but fabricated with a finer grade of clay and fired at hotter temperatures, porcelain tile has always been highly-valued for its strength and utility.

Additionally, thanks to major strides in tile fabrication and digital printing technology, manufacturers are taking porcelain tiles in exciting new directions, such that they now boast a dizzying array of surfaces and textures. Hence, today’s porcelain tiles are more decorative and versatile than ever before, while still retaining their trademark strength and durability.

In the following porcelain tile “learning center,” we’ll go over the basics you need to know when it comes to porcelain, covering the following topics. Use the menu on the lefthand side or click the links below to visit each topic directly: