Landscaping Design Tips

Posted on November 25th, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

A beautifully designed home filled with well appointed spaces should extend the same thought process to the outdoor areas. Landscape design companies will blend the indoors to the outdoors seamlessly and artistically. Professional landscape architects will create a plan to mesh the style of the home to the elements of the surrounding area with the goal of ensuring the homeowner’s enjoyment of the space.

The goal of the master plan is to create a flow in the landscape by considering how plants and hardscape compliment each other structurally. The foundation of the hardscape is to create strong architectural lines by using materials that also enhance the design of the plants. Texture of both plants and hardscape is important, with a focus to the flow created by both. Repetition of materials establishes continuity of flow and is anything but dull.

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Details are the make or break factor of a good design plan. Transitioning from a concrete driveway to a herringbone brick walkway leading up to the front door works if a boarder of brick surrounds the herringbone pattern inside the border. Sculptures in stone can be a work of art when it is laid around a pool. Functional landscape design works when small details are not overlooked.

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The use of texture in plants is incorporated by the use of flowering annuals bordering in front of taller leafy green shrubs. Texture in hardscape is beautiful when used simply. Using more than two materials or patterns can be confusing visually.

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When deciding the hardscape materials, sometimes it is natural materials that best compliment the style of the exterior of the home. Natural stone is durable, timeless and combines well with any house style and also comes in a variety of colors and textures. Natural stone can be walked on, sat on or used to build walls for an outdoor fireplace. Bluestone and brick patios are a thing of beauty when designed by a professional.

Brick or stone flowerbeds and containers can be built into the design to hold flowers, vines or herbs. Annuals can add a pop of seasonal color and life to the final design and insert a little personality of the homeowner at the same time. A good design plan is well worth the investment.

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