Home Remodeling Trends According to Contractors

Posted on November 21st, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

In our previous blog we advised our readers as to which home renovation trends were booming according to Millennials. In this blog we’ll get into some remodeling trends based on the perspectives of their contractors. Contractors are expecting an increase in home remodeling this year according to statistics released by the National Association of Builders. As one generation grows older, another generation is replacing them and now it’s the Millennials who are doing things their way. Contractors are tracking these changes and trends are now emerging.

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Design changes include a new focus on accessibility, particularly on the first floor. Millennials are focusing forward to the possibility of needing to care for elderly parents. The trend is to include a first floor bedroom and bathroom to avoid climbing stairs. Wider doorways are now trending to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. More indications of forward thinking, according to contractors, is to line walls with wood high enough to install handrails in the future.

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Bathrooms are also trending differently. Contractors are reporting that conveniences such as walk-in showers are being requested instead of bathtubs. Colors chosen are whites and shades of gray this year. Tile and wood are the materials Millennials are gravitating toward but with a twist. Tile has improved dramatically thanks to new technological advancements. The trend now is luxury vinyl tile for bathrooms and kitchens and appears to be a major trend in the future. While luxury vinyl tile has been used commercially, it has now entered the residential market thanks to lower costs that make it competitive with other materials.

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Countertop trends continue to be quartz and granite. Because of the higher cost of quartz, granite is used in less expensive projects. Quartz comes in several styles now and has seen increased popularity as a result.

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Finally, contractors are seeing increasing focus on HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are improved so that the new systems being installed provide acceptable air quality and a comfortable indoor environment year round.

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