Home Design Tips from Architects

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by stonetileliquidators

If you asked a random group of homeowners what their dream home would look like, not one answer would be the same. A dream home is different for everyone, whether starting from the ground up or revitalizing the home they already have. The architect can offer sage advice for those who are simply looking to remodel by offering wise improvements based on their experience. A few tips from architects can result in a dream home that the homeowner never thought possible.

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Improvements can be made to better the circulation and flow in a floor plan by using existing square footage. A wall can be opened in the kitchen or bumped out making traffic flow easier to negotiate. A door leading to the backyard can be enlarged to provide easy access when entertaining a large group or transferring platters of food to the outside patio.

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If a new addition (room) is desired, think strongly when planning the foundation. It can be costly further down the road if the foundation is not planned well from the beginning and needs to undergo reinforcements. You can also add crawl space under a new addition which can be turned into a basement for a few more dollars, providing storage space for the homeowner. Older homes that were cramped and rooms that were closed off can be opened up. Conversely, the great room concept of the past decade has made some homeowners realize that noise levels travel and find themselves wanting to separate the cavernous square footage into a defined room.

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Improving a tired kitchen can be done big or on a smaller scale. The architect can use the budget allowed for items that have the most impact. Countertops, cabinet doors, hardware, and lighting are the standard requests but a new window can improve light, airflow, and views.

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Architects know what materials are renewable, which materials save energy costs, and how to choose materials that save the homeowner money where it counts. Homeowners today are cost conscious and stretch their budgets by pitching in and helping in getting some things done such as demolition and cleanup.

It’s important to get the design done right by knowing the scope of the project and the desires of the homeowner from the very beginning. The kitchen is a good example of getting it right, straight from the start. Choose the design, the flooring, the cabinets, and hardware but also bring in natural light and add lights to compliment. Architects can add an island if there is enough space but maximize foot traffic patterns at the same time.

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The expense of an architect can pay for itself by the ideas that can be brought to the table resulting in savings to the consumer. The contractor works hand-in-hand with the architect every step of the way in the project, saving the homeowner aggravation and stress in the end.

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