Should Flooring Match in Open Floor Plans?

Posted on December 7th, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

If your home has an open floor plan with a patchwork of different flooring within the same visual field, what rules should be applied when any one of the types of flooring becomes worn and in need of replacing? It depends on who you ask. One designer might recommend a continuous flow of one material to achieve a cohesive look. Another designer might think that the use of one material is too matchy-matchy. A third designer might advise the homeowner to keep the same unmatched floors but tie them all together with area rugs.

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For example, if your living room and dining room floors are wood but your kitchen tile is in need of replacing, should the tile be replaced with new tile or with wood to match the rest of the home? It depends. The first question to ask is whether the existing wood floors are in good shape or are also showing wear. Wood is beautiful in the kitchen as long as it doesn’t get damaged by water, glass breakage, pets, or foot traffic. Women’s high heels can also damage wood flooring by leaving indents from the spike heel in the wood. This is something to think about since most families tend to gather in the kitchen. The beauty of new wood floors, depending on the quality, tends to give way to a distressed look over time. Some lines of wood come pre-distressed right out of the box but may not match the existing wood surrounding the kitchen. The dilemma is real and so is the cost to replace all of the flooring versus only the kitchen.

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Porcelain tile is less expensive than hardwood, so if the decision leans towards replacing all the flooring, choose porcelain tile that looks like wood. If you desire a change in the look, choose a tile that looks like natural stone. Modern technology has improved the manufacturing processes of tile dramatically. Each tile blends perfectly with the next tile regardless of color or pattern. The surface of the tile is textured to prevent slipping, making it a great choice in the kitchen. Area rugs can provide comfort underfoot in front of the sink or cooktop as well as define the separate spaces of the living room and dining room.

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