Don’t Fear Faux Materials If Your Budget is Tight

Posted on December 11th, 2017 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

If you love organic materials and real stone or brick, but don’t have the budget to support that kind of expense, you can turn to faux solutions. Brick walls can be replaced by panels of embossed “brick”. Natural stone countertops can be accented with imitation stone countertops. Most people can’t tell the difference but the homeowner feels the difference in the wallet.

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(Above pictured: Marble-mimic “Cashmere Carrara” Quartz countertop slabs available at

There are several varieties of faux material that are low maintenance and last longer than their natural counterparts. Laminate countertops are scratch resistant and stain resistant so go ahead and serve red wine. Faux wood beams are lighter weight polyurethane, won’t crack or rot and are easier to install. Wood-grain porcelain tiles look like natural hardwood without the upkeep, thanks to recent technological developments. Many projects can be done by first-time homeowners who have a low budget to contend with. Digital printing has helped the wallpaper industry replicate natural materials. One wallpaper now available looks like shiplap-inspired wood planks. Another wallpaper company has produced the look of antique tiles and pressed tin ceilings, while another company has textured images of red brick wallpaper. If one homeowner loves the feel of the red brick raised panels now available for covering a wall, the next owner of that home might paint the raised faux brick panel white for a more contemporary look.

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Faux stone panels can add depth and dimension to a plain fireplace. The advantage of using these panels means that the wall above the fireplace doesn’t have to be reinforced, simplifying the job. It’s not only less work but it’s also cheaper for the homeowner. The fun of faux is that it is hard to argue the convenience, the cost savings, and the character of the finished project.

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