DIY Projects: 10 Creative Ways to Put Leftover Tiles & Remnant Pieces To Good Use

Posted on December 3rd, 2016 by Nastazsa Cabrera

If you’ve ever gone through the process of purchasing kitchen countertops or ordering tiles in general, then you’d know that having extra unused pieces is considered the norm within the home remodeling industry. You always want to make sure you add at least 10-15% on top of the actual amount of tiles you need in order to take waste and natural damages into consideration. With slabs, some companies require you to purchase an entire slab rather than just the amount that you need; taking into consideration the exact same issues.

After finally having your countertop and tiles installed, the question arises – “What do I do with the left over pieces?” Unlike some other stone and tile shops, when you purchase your tiles and slabs from Stone Tile Liquidators you are able to keep the remnant pieces.

After making such a large investment on slabs or tiles, you want to be able to utilize every inch and make sure none of it goes to waste! Finding ways to salvage the leftover pieces can be an exciting and cost efficient way to add a touch of luxury to your home. From small to big pieces, we’ll provide you with some nifty ideas below on how to put every inch to good use!

1). Shower Seat

Why stop at shower wall and floor tiles when it comes to remodeling your bathroom? Carrying extra wall or floor tile pieces onto an existing shower seat can pull the entire look together. If you don’t have an existing shower seat and it’s a bigger slab remnant you’re working with, then you can surely create a shower seat of your own with a single thick piece.

Image result for marble shower seat Image result for marble shower seat

2). Fireplace Hearth or Surrounding

This is a pretty common project most home owners will embark on. Using the same wall or backsplash tiles and even kitchen countertop pieces to act as the detailing for fireplaces is a great way to stay cohesive with connecting kitchens and hallways. Slab remnants are a perfect thickness for hearth applications as well.

Image result for fireplace hearth Related image

3). Table Top

Whether it be a coffee or side table, crafting a top of your own can be quite a creative experience. One way is to crush tiles into mosaic pieces and arrange them accordingly for a neat outdoor patio side tabletop. You can also start the entire project from scratch and pair a field size tile (12×12 and up) with wooden, plastic, or metal legs. Cylinder or upside down A-Line wired/metal baskets can be used as the base as well for a true DIY touch. You can top all of these off with a marble tile or slab remnant for instantaneous glamour.

Image result for DIY tile table Image result for DIY marble table

4). Showcase It As a Piece of Artwork

Larger remnants that come from slabs can be used as exotic and bolder standalone statement pieces. More often, natural stones such as onyx and marble that carry higher variances in their beautiful appearances make natural one-of-a-kind pieces of art. These can be used in replacement of paintings. In some cases, they are untouched and simply hung against the wall for homeowners and guests to marvel at. LED lighting can be placed behind the piece to give it a luminous effect making it the center of attention in any room.

Image result for onyx stone art Related image

5). Trays (vanity or culinary trays)

Some of you may have already seen marble trays sold on the market in various department stores either in the kitchen or room décor sections. Some a bit outlandishly priced for being an accessory. A better alternative to purchasing one when you have a remnant piece of natural stone? Make your own! Attach any handles from any home improvement store of choice to either side of the piece and that’s it! You have your very own luxury tray to either display your jewelry and other vanity necessities on, or to use as a beautiful serving tray for meals and appetizers! Buffing the edges is always an option. The great thing about this DIY project is that you won’t be limited to just marble trays, you can create your own authentic piece with any natural stone.

Related image Image result for onyx serving tray

6). Cheese Board/Slate Board

You’ll be light-years ahead of your party planning committee with this creative number. Slate boards are a nifty way to serve delicacies and of course, cheese for all you cheese connoisseurs! Slate boards (especially predominantly black slates) are becoming increasingly more popular for kitchen use because of its durability. Black slate is known to be non-porous and the least prone to flaking compared to other colored slates. Because it is non-porous, maintenance is much less of a hassle. Yes, it will scratch easily as most boards will, but cleaning up will be a piece of cake!

Image result for slate tray handles Related image

7). Cutting Board

There’s nothing getting through this one! Literally. This without a doubt will be the most durable cutting board your food will ever have the honor of gracing. Or being cut up on. If you want a simple and quick upgrade from the typical wooden or plastic cutting board, use a slab or tile remnant of any natural stone or man-made material (quartz or porcelain) to spruce up your cooking experience.

Related image Image result for quartz cutting board

8). Coasters

Simple but sweet. Smaller mosaic tiles that start from 4×4 inches serve as perfect coasters for all beverages. You can even get fancy and print your own words, sayings, and designs on them.

Related image Image result for natural stone coasters

Image result for natural stone coasters Related image

9). Make Your Own Mosaics

If you’ve ever wanted to get super crafty every step of the way – here’s your chance! Wrap tiles carefully in cloth and crush them into smaller pieces with a hammer. The rest is up to you. If you’re working with smaller tiles, you’ll end up with pieces small enough to rearrange into a unique design to cover the top of a side/accent table appropriate for both indoors and outdoors. The larger pieces you may want to think about using for outdoor landscaping. Instead of pebbles on the ground, you can use your self-made mosaics to create your own pathway!

Image result for DIY mosaics Image result for DIY natural stone mosaic

10). Picture collage

This one’s definitely for the entire family. If you have smaller ceramic or glass tiles (with eased edges of course) left over then they’ll serve as ideal canvases for this kid-friendly project. Paint different images on each tile to create a larger image when put together OR go with something more abstract. You can arrange them so as to make it appear as you are putting a puzzle together, or you can simply display the finished products in the family room for a homely touch.

Image result for DIY tiles Related image

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