The Case for Outdoor Porcelain Tiles and Pavers Now That Spring Has Arrived

Posted on March 29th, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

Outdoor Porcelain Applications

There’s a common expectation among US homeowners that once the warm weather arrives, outdoor renovations can begin. However, many mistakenly wait until the summer time when contractors or tile installers at their busiest. So, first and foremost, make the most of the spring season and get a head-start on your home’s renovation plans. With that fundamental advice out of the way, let’s talk about a one of the biggest trends in outdoor tiles and pavers: porcelain.

Porcelain, in general, has been a popular topic on our blog given its versatility across the board. It’s durable, affordable and adaptable to just about any area of application, including indoors and outdoors. However, it also provides you with a multitude of design options since porcelain can be made to look just like hardwood or most stone tiles.

Porcelain has long been used to tile interior floors and walls, but now it can be used as outdoor tile and pavers given the thickness and size that today’s technology provides. As mentioned, porcelain’s durability is a key selling point given its resistance to frost, stains and skids. In other words, it will remain in good condition regardless of your outdoor climate.

To expand on porcelain’s versatility, it can be used for garden walkways, rooftop decks, patios, swimming pool areas/walkways as well as any outdoor area with heavy foot traffic. While the DIY opportunities are abound when it comes to porcelain, we still recommend using a professional installer because investments in your home should be treated carefully. The good news is porcelain presents less obstacles than most outdoor installations since it can be applied onto grass, dirt, gravel and sand. And as long as you have raised support, terraces and roofs will not require grout or adhesive (in most cases).

Because of its durability, outdoor porcelain tiles and pavers require virtually no maintenance or treatments. It’s resistant to just about anything and it’s easy to clean should the surface ever become dirty.

So, if you’re a homeowner that wants a beautiful and low maintenance outdoor tile/paver solution, consider modern-day porcelain now that the spring season is underway. The pros of porcelain outweigh the cons and guess what? One of those pros is that porcelain is incredibly lightweight.

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