• Kitchen Remodeling Trends Among Millennials

    Millennial homeowners are now trending a different course than their baby boomer parents when it comes to remodeling their kitchens. The traditional styled kitchen that boomers prefer is not the look desired by homeowners aged 34 and under. Millennials are more interested in the long term as they consider the relevance of style, materials and […]

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  • 8 Unique Home Design Ideas

    Home design has had some memorable styles in the past as well as some not-so-memorable mistakes. Today, trends are changing rapidly with a younger generation driving the design machine. Eight trends in home design are making life comfortable and interesting as well as unique, compared to the past. 1). Right now one of the hot […]

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  • Essential Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

    Just because an area is small doesn’t mean it is of less significance. Take bathrooms, for instance. According to statistics, aiming for bathroom remodels in general is a foolproof way to increase ROI’s (Return On Investments), racking in more than 100% of the cost. If you think about it, bathrooms are occupied every day so […]

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  • Simple Reminders on How To Save During a Kitchen Remodel

    The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It is also the room where more than just cooking takes place. A well designed modern kitchen combines areas designated for cooking, preparing, serving and entertaining family and guests. When the time comes to renovate or simply remodel, the kitchen gives back the investment made to improve […]

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  • Hot Trends Alert!: 2017 Interior Design Trends

    In our previous trends alert blog we expressed the urge of wanting to become one with nature. This year, that same longing is still present in our desires. Why is that exactly? Perhaps it is the growing use of technology that makes us feel a bit disconnected with everything and everyone around us. This longing for nature […]

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  • The Case for Outdoor Porcelain Tiles and Pavers Now That Spring Has Arrived

    There’s a common expectation among US homeowners that once the warm weather arrives, outdoor renovations can begin. However, many mistakenly wait until the summer time when contractors or tile installers at their busiest. So, first and foremost, make the most of the spring season and get a head-start on your home’s renovation plans. With that […]

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  • Check It Off!: Utilize This Simple Checklist to Ensure An Efficient Home Renovation

    Below is a helpful list that will serve as a guide to making sure your home renovation is the most efficient and stress-free experience as possible. Strategize:  Prioritizing – How long have you been needing a second bathroom? Is it more important than a wet bar, perhaps? If you have 3 or more people living in the […]

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  • DIY Projects: 10 Creative Ways to Put Leftover Tiles & Remnant Pieces To Good Use

    If you’ve ever gone through the process of purchasing kitchen countertops or ordering tiles in general, then you’d know that having extra unused pieces is considered the norm within the home remodeling industry. You always want to make sure you add at least a 10-15% overage in order to take waste and natural damages into consideration. […]

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  • A Refresher Course for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

    We’ve said it many times: your kitchen MUST have a backsplash in 2016. It’s no longer an option; it’s a requirement. Below you’ll find a few guiding principles when it comes to choosing a kitchen backsplash. Make sure it matches your kitchen’s color palette: Because your flooring, wall color, countertops and appliances bring different colors to the table, […]

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  • Follow These Steps To Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

    When it comes to bathroom remodeling (or any remodeling project), mistakes can be made. So, let’s explore the ways you can avoid repeating the same bathroom remodeling mistakes made by homeowners across the country. Know Your Tile Budget We know how tantalizing beautiful tile can be, but it’s critical that you find beauty at a […]

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  • Fall-Winter 2016 Organic Glamour & Interior Design Trends

    The end of summer has officially arrived so it’s only right that we take a look at our predictions on what this year’s fall & winter interior design trends have in store for us. Some trends have continued going strong, while others will now particularly blossom in the “Organic Glamour” movement (which is currently dominating this season […]

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Marble Countertops

    Marble is a material that’s been used for hundreds of years in homes and public venues, but the debate regarding its durability and maintenance persists among designers, contractors and homeowners. The reason being is that marble is a natural stone tile that ages, changes and wears over time. It’s gorgeous given its classic white and gray veining, a classic and highly-coveted look […]

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  • Adding Tile to Your Upstairs Bathroom or Bedroom? Make Sure to Hire a Top-Notch Tile Installer

    Adding tile to your upstairs bathroom or bedroom area must be done right. If you’re considering an upgrade to your upstairs flooring or carpet with natural stone tile, be aware that a successful outcome is dependent on a quality installer. A successful tile installer is necessary, especially if you live in a home development that was built […]

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  • What’s Trending: Tiny Mosaic Tile Murals

    Starting with the ancient Greeks and Romans, mosaic tile was one of the oldest ways to turn walls or floors into something more than just a blank canvas. Since then, tiny square tiles have been used to create a mixture of art, architecture and design while adding beautiful patterns to any space. They were even used to tell stories in […]

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  • Why Porcelain Tile Is the Right Choice over Ceramic Tile

    “What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?” Our clients tend to ask this question since porcelain and ceramic tiles are often grouped together by their common material: clay. Specifically, they’re both made from a mixture of clays, sand, and water, and are kiln-fired to approximately 1400-1500 degrees.  They are then divided into two groups, one referred to as non-porcelain […]

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  • Hardwood vs Wood-Look Porcelain Tiles: Which Has the Upper-hand?

    One of the greatest dilemmas for homeowners who favor the look of hardwood is deciding between real hardwood or porcelain tile that looks like hardwood. What if we told you that achieving the look of real hardwood without its heavy maintenance was one of the plethora of benefits to choosing porcelain tile over the real […]

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  • Reader Question: “Can We Achieve Our Dream Kitchen for $15K?”

    Since our readers often ask us questions like the one below, we thought we’d use today’s blog post to answer one of them: “Can We Achieve Our Dream Kitchen for $15K?” Yes and No. Your dream kitchen is how you define it. Some people define a dream kitchen as having the finest materials at every turn, be […]

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  • Looking Ahead: What Design Trends Can We Expect in the Fall Season?

    As the summer winds to a close, now is the time to prepare for the emerging fall design trends. Because many of the current design trends involve a less-is-more approach, such as neutral colored walls or solid-colored natural stone countertops, the goal is to be able to adjust to the season’s design trends without remodeling an entire room. Below […]

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  • 10 Ways to Affordably Redecorate Your Home

    When redecorating your home, it’s critical that you know your budget ahead of time while establishing some ground rules such as opting for timeless design choices and being patient. Mistakes happen when you rush your designers or contractors to complete their work as quickly as possible. Also, spend your money wisely and only splurge when necessary. […]

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  • Let’s Talk About Slate…

    It’s been a while since we’ve explored the virtues of slate tile flooring so let’s start with the basics. Slate is a thin sheet of metamorphic rock which is stain-resistant, natural in texture, strong and beautiful. Slate has many attractive qualities but it’s not a material that can be used universally in every room or […]

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  • A Refresher Course on Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen

    Because we often talk about the trends or materials you should consider when remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to take a step back and reassess the reasons WHY you should remodel your kitchen. Below you’ll find half a dozen reasons why you should finally remodel your kitchen: A Central Hub for Your Family and Guests: Kitchens are no longer a […]

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  • A Refresher on 2016’s Bathroom Design Trends

    It’s important to reiterate what the trends are in bathroom design as of 2016. That way, when preparing to renovate your bathroom, you are armed and ready should you decide to design your bathroom yourself or hire a designer to help guide you. Let the following 8 trends lead your bathroom renovation so your remodel has a […]

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  • 10 Unique Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of most homes and the place where family and friends gravitate to the most, whether it’s to do homework or entertain each other. So, when the time comes to update your kitchen, consider its size, brightness, shape and surrounding rooms when making any remodeling decisions. The visual appeal of your kitchen should also account for its adjacent spaces […]

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  • The Latest Flooring Trends That You Should Know About

    The World Floor Covering Association recently disclosed the latest in flooring trends and products. And as one might expect, durability, low maintenance, environmentally sound, pet-friendly and high-tech were among the most common attributes per today’s trends. Depending on the person, flooring is often the first aspect of your home that guests look to upon arrival. Some would say the […]

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  • Want a Restaurant-Caliber Kitchen Inside Your House? Here’s How You Can Do It

    Creating a commercial-style kitchen inside your residence is easier than you might think in 2016. If you have the right open-plan layout and the proper appliances, you’d be surprised what your home’s kitchen can become despite having less space than most restaurants. An upgraded kitchen, especially one that resembles a commercial kitchen, only increases your resale […]

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  • Large Format Porcelain Tiles Continue to Trend Up

    We’ve talked about it before but large format natural stone tile, specifically porcelain, continues to be one of the hottest trends in the tile industry. Currently, natural stone tile has the most selection, versatility and sizing options than ever before but it was only a matter of time before small tiles (a few inches) became even bigger (a […]

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  • Affordable Upgrades, Improvements and Design Ideas for Your Backyard Pool

    Since it’s summer time, we’re taking this opportunity to write more about seasonal topics such as affordable ideas, upgrades and improvements to your backyard pool area. There are many ways to make the most of your backyard pool so your enjoyment is maximized while investing in your home’s resale value at the same time. Landscaping: One […]

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  • Home Remodeling Designed For Your Pets

    Close to 64% of U.S. homeowners have pets. They are a huge part of our lives and are considered to be family members to most. In lies that statement alone is why we are more likely to show our appreciation towards their loyalty and companionship by creating more livable and pet-friendly arrangements in our households. […]

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  • Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal Especially During Summer Months

    For some parts of the country, the summer is the only time of year where outdoor improvements can be made to a home. So, with curb appeal on the mind, let’s evaluate a few ways you can boost your home’s exterior so you improve your own impression of your home as well as prospective buyers impression […]

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  • Be Bold with Your Kitchen Backsplash

    Everybody knows the kitchen is your home’s headquarters or control center. Your family gravitates to the kitchen to eat, cook, watch TV or hang out. The same can be said when you’re entertaining guests or prospective buyers of your home. A memorable kitchen backsplash is typically the first aspect of your kitchen that people recognize because it’s […]

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