• Focusing on Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2018

    Contractors are reporting that the number one home remodeling project this year is none other than the bathroom. The challenge for remodelers is that homeowners don’t want the same old look of decades past. Younger homeowners are gravitating away from the hassles of grout, particularly the never ending job of making it look brand new. […]

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  • Backyard Remodeling Ideas That’ll Keep You Cool for Summer 2018

    The blaring heat of summer has arrived! Now is the time to start thinking of ways to make your backyard experience cooler (literally) and more tolerable. Here are a few ideas that can improve your outdoor living conditions. Shade Sails and Canopies Adding shade is an affordable option for most homeowners. You can purchase shade sails […]

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  • 8 Expectations To Have During Home Remodels & Renovations

    We often talk about the benefits of home renovations, however, we’d like to use this post to inform homeowners of the negatives that come with the entire process as well. Of course, in a picture perfect world we wouldn’t have to refer to these guidelines, however, home renovations aren’t always a walk in the park. […]

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  • Summer 2018 Interior Design Trends

    It’s here! Our list of design trends that made the cut for this summer is back and hotter than ever. Pun intended. After conducting a bit of research on both Houzz.com and The LuxPad we’ve concluded that retro styles and natural materials have made a name for themselves once again. New on the radar; colors […]

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  • Home Design Tips from Architects

    If you asked a random group of homeowners what their dream home would look like, not one answer would be the same. A dream home is different for everyone, whether starting from the ground up or revitalizing the home they already have. The architect can offer sage advice for those who are simply looking to […]

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  • Transform Ordinary Landscaping into an Outdoor Oasis

    There’s nothing more appropriate than working on the design and condition of your landscape during the Spring/Summer seasons. The weather’s great, the sun’s beaming down illuminating your front and backyard, and suddenly you start envisioning what you want your dream summer home to look like starting from the very surroundings of your household. Take a look […]

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  • Renting Your Home? Install the Right Flooring That Attracts Renters and Boosts Your Home’s ROI Until It’s Time to Sell!

    If you think cheap flooring and new carpet will last post-lease, think again! When upgrading your rental property’s flooring, it’s critical that you consider a few factors to attract the right renter at the right price while increasing the long-term value of your home. The key to increasing the resale value of your home while renting, […]

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  • Summer 2018: Design Trends for Pools

    If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer and are considering how best to accomplish this at home, think about adding a pool! Designs for pools are no longer standard or “ordinary”. Homeowners with the proper amount of space are designing their yards with the intent to create an oasis. Current trends in pool […]

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  • Affordable Bathroom Upgrades

    Bathroom renovations can easily cost thousands of dollars but the reality is that they don’t necessarily have to. If you are on a budget or want to achieve a fresh look for spring or summer, a few reasonable ideas may be all that’s needed to proceed. Sprucing up your tired decor may also be the […]

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  • Where to Save or Spend Regarding Kitchen Remodeling

    Of all the improvements you can make to your home, the best return on the investment you can make comes straight from the kitchen. The price tag can range from $5,000 to $27,000 depending on whether a face-lift or total remodel is desired. Knowing where to save money allows the homeowner to spend money on […]

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  • 3 Key Home Trends

    Remodeling  your home can be a decision based on various reasons. Some homeowners remodel just before reselling in order to get an increased profit. Other homeowners are more inclined to stay put and want to update their out-of-date floor plan. Their goal is to age-in-place and enjoy their home in the meantime. Several things can […]

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  • Why Remodeling is Better Than Moving

    Research shows that the number one reason people move is because they grow tired of their existing home. Others are opting to remain in their starter home and remodel if their location is convenient or if they can’t find another home nearby that meets their expectations. It is not unusual that the cost of remodeling […]

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  • Difference Between Renovation and Remodel

    The terms “renovation” and “remodel” are often used to describe types of home improvements. Aside from people who work in the industry, most homeowners do not know the difference between the two. The difference in meanings depends on how deep the changes go. In today’s blog we provide you with a simple break-down of the […]

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  • Unusual Backsplash Ideas

    When renovating the kitchen, many homeowners are searching for creative alternatives to replace the expected. The backsplash is one area where the unexpected can prevail. The use of traditional tile, while always a safe choice, can be the one wall space area where you can have some creative fun with. Some options to consider are […]

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  • The Best Flooring Options for Pet Dogs

    Homeowners with pets have another consideration to factor in when renovating their home. Dogs have their own ability to create wear and tear to flooring especially if the floors are soft. Pet owners would be wise to research the best types of flooring available before making a decision, in order to avoid a costly mistake. […]

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  • Luxury Looks at Bargain Prices

    There is agreement across the board that kitchen and bath renovations add value to your home. If you are contemplating updating these rooms, then you are also most likely considering using tile. The latest design trends indicate the use of high-end tiles for kitchen flooring, bath flooring & walls, showers, countertops, and backsplashes. Believe it […]

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  • How To Achieve a Vintage Kitchen Remodel

    If you are a homeowner desiring to remodel the kitchen with a vintage design plan, you are in luck! Preserving the past in an older home or adding a retro look into a newer home is made easier with kitchen products that capture the style and colors of decades past. (Photo credit: https://www.sarahgallop.com/) Where To Begin […]

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  • When is the Right Time to Renovate?

    Homeowners often wait for a major appliance failure before realizing a kitchen remodel can no longer be put off. The option of just replacing the one item that failed or taking on the whole project is the question. Experts say it may just be the right time if the homeowner has had enough, especially if […]

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  • Tiles to Consider If You Have Young Children

    Anyone with children can tell you that floors are put to the test from toddlerhood to the teen years. Carpet and hardwood floors have their issues with stains, scratches and durability. Accidents, spills and never ending activities can speed up the shelf life of any flooring surface with a few exceptions. Tile flooring is one […]

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  • Sleek Bathroom Design Ideas

    The bathroom design industry is constantly changing, offering tremendously improved features every few years. New options are available such as self-cleaning toilets, toilets with bidet functions that include a modern, freshly designed look. These new trends, as well as others, are creating excitement and convenience to homeowners looking to update their bathrooms.   (Photo credit: decoist.com)  […]

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  • Don’t Fear Faux Materials If Your Budget is Tight

    If you love organic materials and real stone or brick, but don’t have the budget to support that kind of expense, you can turn to faux solutions. Brick walls can be replaced by panels of embossed “brick”. Natural stone countertops can be accented with imitation stone countertops. Most people can’t tell the difference but the […]

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  • Home Renovation Secrets

    To ensure a successful home renovation it pays to be prepared before the work even begins. For those who have survived past remodeling projects, they know many things come into play that can upset a smooth process and many who survived probably have some tales to tell. It is wise to expect some unexpected surprises, […]

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  • What Makes a Luxury Bathroom

    The master bathroom is the one room in a home remodel project that is, across all generations, being transformed into a luxury spa. Younger homeowners are preparing not only for their own future age-in-place needs but are also preparing for the possibility of caring for their own elderly parents. The exploding demand of the most […]

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  • Should Flooring Match in Open Floor Plans?

    If your home has an open floor plan with a patchwork of different flooring within the same visual field, what rules should be applied when any one of the types of flooring becomes worn and in need of replacing? It depends on who you ask. One designer might recommend a continuous flow of one material […]

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  • How to Add Wow Factor to Your Floors

    If you are a homeowner looking forward to installing floors that are capable of producing awe in the eyes of you and your guests, think mixed media. Mixed media floors combine natural stone with wood and has been a technique used for centuries. The challenge today is finding installers who have the expertise to craft […]

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  • How to Regrout Kitchens, Bathrooms and More

    If your home has tile flooring or countertops, you will want to know how to regrout. Sometimes only a small area of grout crumbles making the tiles vulnerable to damage. Other times the grout gets dirty and discolored from spills or from not having been sealed in the first place. Restoring the appearance of tile […]

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  • Landscaping Design Tips

    A beautifully designed home filled with well appointed spaces should extend the same thought process to the outdoor areas. Landscape design companies will blend the indoors to the outdoors seamlessly and artistically. Professional landscape architects will create a plan to mesh the style of the home to the elements of the surrounding area with the […]

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  • Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Remodel

    If your kitchen has begun to show some areas of wear or feels like it’s outdated, it may be time to renovate. There are some signs to be aware of that are helpful in letting you know the time has come. For some people, living through a total kitchen reconstruction is more than they can […]

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  • Green Home Remodeling Tips

    More than ever before, homeowners today are aware that they have a responsibility to be Eco-friendly when remodeling. Having a “green” home is not only in the best interests of the homeowner but it is also in the best interests of the community. The key to success is selecting the best products while saving money, […]

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  • Home Remodeling Trends According to Contractors

    In our previous blog we advised our readers as to which home renovation trends were booming according to Millennials. In this blog we’ll get into some remodeling trends based on the perspectives of their contractors. Contractors are expecting an increase in home remodeling this year according to statistics released by the National Association of Builders. […]

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