Backyard Remodeling Ideas That’ll Keep You Cool for Summer 2018

Posted on May 14th, 2018 by stonetileliquidators

The blaring heat of summer has arrived! Now is the time to start thinking of ways to make your backyard experience cooler (literally) and more tolerable. Here are a few ideas that can improve your outdoor living conditions.

Shade Sails and Canopies

Adding shade is an affordable option for most homeowners. You can purchase shade sails or canopies in a variety of sizes and colors. Shade sails are essentially mini-sails that can be mounted on a stainless steel frame or attached partially to an existing structure in the yard. Canopies can be purchased in full which include the foundation and legs, as an umbrella, or just by the cloth itself which you can drape over any fixture. Adding either of these options to your backyard is one of the easiest ways to effectively provide shade over your outdoor dining area or children’s play area.

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If your budget and space allow, you may want to explore the world of gazebos. Just like shade sails and canopies, gazebos come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. An all-wooden gazebo is common and can easily be a DIY project. You can choose between concrete or wooden pillars adorned with a permanent roof. If you prefer a different look, there are steel frame options that are often molded into appealing designs. A few chairs and tables will provide a perfect outdoor area to enjoy your morning coffee (or cereal) under.

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Misting Systems

What naturally complements shaded areas? Misters. Nothing beats the feeling of cool water spritzed onto your skin on an intense summer day. A decade ago, misters were mostly attached around the edges of ceilings of covered patios. Today, misters have been redesigned to deliver that satisfying cold spray from ceiling fans covering a 360 degree radius. They can also be attached to outdoor shade umbrellas and anywhere you can think to install them for convenience. Free-standing misting fans are the most simple forms of misting systems available on the market that provide portability throughout the backyard.

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In the cooler months of the year, you can place a free-standing heat lamp, making it possible to enjoy the outdoor area almost year round.

Waterfalls & Ponds

For something that adds a special touch and a relaxing, intriguing atmosphere, look no further than adding a pond or waterfall to your landscape! This is definitely more of a luxury, but still a fantastic option to consider nonetheless. It allows for cooler temperatures and provides an area of zen and entertainment all at the same time. Creating this space does require a bit of research and contact with a professional in order to Plant some trees and other greenery to further cool down your backyard living space, then sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of falling water. When planting a shade tree, be strategic. Try to choose a spot that will shade your yard and cool your home, taking into consideration the path of the sun. Deep soak a newly planted tree the first summer to give it a good start.

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Hardscape is also an area where cooling can be a planned feature. Pavers and porcelain tile can help reduce surface temperatures during the hot summer months by installing light colored surfaces. When placed in direct sun, approximately 15-20 degrees can be reduced versus a darker-colored tile. Tile has a long life span and compliments the above ideas to make your backyard truly enjoyable year round.

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Written & Edited by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera


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