How to Add Wow Factor to Your Floors

Posted on December 4th, 2017 by stonetileliquidators

If you are a homeowner looking forward to installing floors that are capable of producing awe in the eyes of you and your guests, think mixed media. Mixed media floors combine natural stone with wood and has been a technique used for centuries. The challenge today is finding installers who have the expertise to craft these floors correctly. There are a variety of combinations possible in mixing tile, stone or metal with wood.

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Flooring patterns can include stone with wood borders, medallions  that include compass roses, Greek mosaics or a personalized family crest. Creative possibilities are endless. The wow factor can be defined by installing traditional timeless looks or contemporary art nouveau patterns. Contrasting colors delineate specific areas as well as tie in other elements of a room such as an accent wall or backsplash. An entryway might be best served with tiles bordered by contrasting wood creating a space where shoes can be removed. The adjoining room can be transitioned with the same wood bordered by the same tile used in the foyer. Another process might be achieved by using natural stone tiles bordered with wood-like porcelain or ceramic tiles making it easy to clean.

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Luxury homes have used mixed media flooring for years. Today these materials are available already pre-assembled thanks to modern technological techniques. Ceramic or porcelain tile provide the look of exotic hardwoods or expensive natural stone which cut costs to the homeowner while adding durability and low maintenance. Proper installation of stone and wood requires someone with experience. Stone and wood may not have the same vertical height making it crucial for the homeowner to choose a tile contractor with the experience needed to make your finished flooring a work of art.

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