How To Achieve a Vintage Kitchen Remodel

Posted on December 22nd, 2017 by Nastazsa Lin Cabrera

If you are a homeowner desiring to remodel the kitchen with a vintage design plan, you are in luck! Preserving the past in an older home or adding a retro look into a newer home is made easier with kitchen products that capture the style and colors of decades past.

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Where To Begin

Mid-century cabinetry was unique in style incorporating minimalism with signature curves. This makes replacing today’s cabinets almost mandatory. There are materials available that can nearly replicate the feel and styles of the 1950’s era. Choose simple, sleek styling but then have fun by going bold with colors that were so prevalent back then. Even white cabinetry can be offset with colorful appliances in the pastels that were so popular. New refrigerators and stoves are available in vintage styles and colors that can add an additional pop to the room.

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Highlight with Accessories

Celebrate the retro look of the past by choosing accessories in vibrant colors. Multi-colored dishes were an absolute signature in kitchens of the past. Place other relics on display such as an old cookbook, a vase or an electric mixer in yellow, turquoise, light blue, or lime green.  These will be standouts in the visual field of the kitchen space. Glassware that had soft drink logos were the preferred choice for the youth of the era.

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Flooring, pre-1950’s, was typically wood. In the mid-century decade, linoleum and vinyl tile was developed. Patterns and colors were incorporated in each tile that ranged from a mottled, vein-like look to big bold black-and-white squares. Homeowners enjoyed the low-maintenance and no wax features. The downside of the flooring back then was the use of lead and asbestos in the manufacturing of the tiles. Today’s vinyl composite tiles are free of the harmful additives. Linoleum is beginning to make a comeback and today’s version is made from natural materials.

It’s great to know that achieving the hallmarks of the 1950’s kitchen style for your own can be done using modern safe materials. Going retro in the kitchen is all about fun and creativity so enjoy the healthy nostalgia if and when you can!

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