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  • Focusing on Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2018

    Contractors are reporting that the number one home remodeling project this year is none other than the bathroom. The challenge for remodelers is that homeowners don’t want the same old look of decades past. Younger homeowners are gravitating away from the hassles of grout, particularly the never ending job of making it look brand new. […]

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  • Backyard Remodeling Ideas That’ll Keep You Cool for Summer 2018

    The blaring heat of summer has arrived! Now is the time to start thinking of ways to make your backyard experience cooler (literally) and more tolerable. Here are a few ideas that can improve your outdoor living conditions. Shade Sails and Canopies Adding shade is an affordable option for most homeowners. You can purchase shade sails […]

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  • 8 Expectations To Have During Home Remodels & Renovations

    We often talk about the benefits of home renovations, however, we’d like to use this post to inform homeowners of the negatives that come with the entire process as well. Of course, in a picture perfect world we wouldn’t have to refer to these guidelines, however, home renovations aren’t always a walk in the park. […]

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