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  • 3 Key Home Trends

    Remodeling¬† your home can be a decision based on various reasons. Some homeowners remodel just before reselling in order to get an increased profit. Other homeowners are more inclined to stay put and want to update their out-of-date floor plan. Their goal is to age-in-place and enjoy their home in the meantime. Several things can […]

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  • Why Remodeling is Better Than Moving

    Research shows that the number one reason people move is because they grow tired of their existing home. Others are opting to remain in their starter home and remodel if their location is convenient or if they can’t find another home nearby that meets their expectations. It is not unusual that the cost of remodeling […]

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  • Difference Between Renovation and Remodel

    The terms “renovation” and “remodel” are often used to describe types of home improvements. Aside from people who work in the industry, most homeowners do not know the difference between the two. The difference in meanings depends on how deep the changes go. In today’s blog we provide you with a simple break-down of the […]

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  • Unusual Backsplash Ideas

    When renovating the kitchen, many homeowners are searching for creative alternatives to replace the expected. The backsplash is one area where the unexpected can prevail. The use of traditional tile, while always a safe choice, can be the one wall space area where you can have some creative fun with. Some options to consider are […]

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  • The Best Flooring Options for Pet Dogs

    Homeowners with pets have another consideration to factor in when renovating their home. Dogs have their own ability to create wear and tear to flooring especially if the floors are soft. Pet owners would be wise to research the best types of flooring available before making a decision, in order to avoid a costly mistake. […]

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  • Luxury Looks at Bargain Prices

    There is agreement across the board that kitchen and bath renovations add value to your home. If you are contemplating updating these rooms, then you are also most likely considering using tile. The latest design trends indicate the use of high-end tiles for kitchen flooring, bath flooring & walls, showers, countertops, and backsplashes. Believe it […]

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