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  • Home Renovations That ADD Value to your Home

    The Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) of Harvard University released a widely-read report this year stating that nationwide home improvement spending will top $325 billion in 2015 alone. Long story short: Despite a still-recovering housing market, home renovation spending,  remains at a record-breaking pace. But all those billions of renovation dollars spent aren’t necessarily […]

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  • The Lowdown on Natural Stone Pavers

    If you’re looking for a practical yet hassle-free way to inject some life and bloom into your outdoor space, consider a fresh paving layout. Pavers, when added to a walkway, path, driveway, or patio help define the area and serve as an elegant contrast to the surrounding greenery. And while standard brick and concrete pavers […]

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  • How To Replace a Traditional Fireplace Hearth with Tile

    Especially in older homes, one of the top remodeling targets is often the outdated fireplace. We find that many homeowners long to add a bit of personality and pizazz to their typically quaint fireplace areas, and one simple way to accomplish this is by taking out the old brick hearth and replacing it with a […]

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  • How Giant Porcelain Tiles are Changing Home Design

    Porcelain has come a long way from just being the harder, less porous version of its ceramic tile counterpart. In fact, today’s porcelain tiles, thanks to advances in manufacturing technology and tiling methods, are larger and more versatile than builders and homeowners could have ever imagined. So what’s happened with porcelain tiles exactly? In a […]

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