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  • 6 Remodeling Projects to Indulge in During Winter

    It is a common urge to ignore indoor projects during the enjoyable summer months that we often seek the advantages of being able to complete them during the winter season. The colder seasons provide you with an opportunity to execute changes in and focus on interior home projects that can make staying indoors a more […]

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  • Four Rules for Laying Patterned Stone Tile Floors

    Throughout history, humanity has been mesmerized by stone floors. In fact, many of the most revered architectural designs in history, especially those of European origin, feature patterned stone flooring. It seems that in the grandest halls and churches of yesteryear, marble and limestone cut into intricate shapes for flooring were regarded as the finishing touch […]

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  • Home Remodeling With Your Pets in Mind

    Did you know that people in this country spend over $50 billion a year on animal care and pet supplies? Indeed, people won’t hesitate to spend the green on their beloved pets, so it should come as no surprise that’ll they also readily splurge on pet-friendly home remodels. After all, studies conclusively show that pets […]

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