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  • Utilizing the Beauty of Ledger Panels Throughout Your Property

    With the colder seasons already approaching you might be thinking all remodeling projects should be coming to a halt. However, what you may not realize is that this may be the perfect opportunity to spruce up both the interior and exterior of your home. This is your chance to start adding more character and dimension […]

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  • 5 Ways to Give a Small Bathroom a Luxurious Touch

    When it comes to remodeling a powder room or small bathroom, many homeowners can be downright ambivalent. They’ll often consider a smallish bathroom as not worth the bother of a grand design plan, yet still desire a bit of charm and personality in the space. So they either do little to nothing in the way […]

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  • Stay Warm with Nuheat’s State-of-the-Art Floor Heating System

    Say goodbye to the lack of comfortability and biting chills that accompany the changing seasons and welcome the warmth of Nuheat into your home! Nuheat is a cutting edge floor heating system that efficiently provides warmth in practically any room that you please.  Not only is it cost effective, but it is also one of […]

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  • What Are The Ideal Home Improvements for the Fall Season?

    The fall season is a great time for home improvement projects, as the circumstances are usually ideal. The hot summer temps have given way to cooler, comfortable weather, for example, and the kids are back in school and out of the way. Additionally, the remodeling boom of the summer months will have died down considerably, […]

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