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  • More Bathroom Design Trends Emerging in 2015

    These days, folks view the bathroom as much more than just a place to wash up. Rather, they increasingly envision a luxuriously appointed and relaxing oasis of beauty and serenity, where they can comfortably wash away the concerns and stresses of everyday life. And this yearning for peace, tranquility, and indulgence has not escaped the notice […]

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  • Hire a Contractor or Do it Yourself?

    Home remodeling spending is higher than it’s ever been, according to nationally tracked remodeling expenditures. And although everyone wants a professional-looking and functional finished product, many homeowners balk at paying a contractor thousands of dollars to do a job they believe they can pull off themselves. This confidence, a testament to online videos and DIY […]

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  • 10 Tips for Getting Through a Kitchen Remodel Unscathed

    Kitchen remodels have always been popular with homeowners, and that’s still true today. But, as straightforward and harmless as the DIY shows make them appear, a lack of planning and foresight can quickly turn your dream remodel into an expensive headache. Worse, “leaping before you look,” instead of resulting in the perfect kitchen makeover, may actually […]

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  • Design Tips That Make or Break Home Sales

    So you’re ready to sell a property. Whether it’s the place you’ve called home for years, or a piece of real estate you’ve acquired solely to rent or flip, the end goal is likely the same – get a great offer, close, and get it off the market ASAP. Trouble is, many novice sellers lack […]

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