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  • Ready to Remodel? Learn Several Home Remodeling Loan Options

    America’s homeowners have certainly been bitten by the remodeling bug, to the tune of a record $325 billion in projected renovation expenditures expected for 2015. Whether it’s making a few key rooms more attractive ahead of a sale, or just wanting to breathe life into an old, outdated space, remodeling dollars are being spent like […]

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  • How Innovative Designers Turned Discarded Marble Tiles and Slabs Into Art

    While most people realize the marble that’s wrought into gorgeous slabs and tiles is quarried straight from the Earth, few understand what a wasteful enterprise mining it is. Selecting the perfect marble slab is indeed a meticulous process, such so that only the most perfect cuts are retained for finished products. In fact, due to […]

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  • Home Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

    As evidenced by the plethora of DIY shows clogging the cable airways, remodeling projects are as popular now as they’ve ever been. Whether it’s sellers sprucing up their place ahead of a sale, or homeowners simply wanting to enjoy new amenities, plenty of folks seem to have been bitten by the renovation bug. However, most […]

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  • Where Do We Stand? A Refresher on the Basics of Flooring

    Furniture choices, accessories, and fixtures all undoubtedly influence the character of a room, but it’s the flooring that literally and figuratively lays the foundation. In fact, the visual and aesthetic effect of a flooring choice has an outsized impact on the room’s overall mood, and sets the tone for the entire space. Make a poor […]

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