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  • Home Remodeling Appears To Be Poised for a Record Year

    When homeowners feast their eyes on the lavish granite/quartz countertops or the luxurious marble tiles adorning the homes featured on their favorite HGTV shows, they’ll often visualize their own households with those fancy upgrades. However, worries about the economy, alongside doubts about whether spending remodeling cash right now is a smart investment can sometimes give them […]

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  • 5 Tips to Stretch Your Dollar on a Bathroom Remodel

    Bathroom remodels are always near the top of most homeowner’s wish lists, and it’s not hard to see why. The bathroom is always among the top high-traffic rooms in any household, and it’s definitely one people love to feel comfortable and pampered in. Besides, who doesn’t look forward to a soothing tub soak or steamy […]

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  • Get a High-End Look in a Small Bathroom or Powder Room

    When looking to spruce up and/or remodel a smallish bathroom, don’t let the “slighter” confines deter your ambitions or imagination. In fact, when working within a more compact space, you can splurge a bit more on higher-end materials that might’ve been too pricey to fully install in a regular-sized bathroom. Read on for our best […]

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  • How Technology Has Forever Altered the Tile Landscape

    People love for their personal sense of style to shine through in the way they decorate and furnish their homes, except when it comes to tile it seems. Fearful that a quirky or eclectic application that seemed wise at the time will eventually become a garish eyesore, they overwhelmingly stick with safe, time-honored designs rather […]

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  • How To Choose the Perfect Marble Tile or Slab

    When it comes to natural stone, few materials can approach the majestic beauty of marble. Bold, breathtaking, and luxurious, marble lends a healthy dose of charm and elegance to any space in which it’s laid while lasting for generations. Add to this its wide variety of delicate and intricate veining patterns, and it’s no wonder […]

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