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  • Catching Up on the Top Trends That Utilize Natural Stone and Porcelain Tile

    The old cost-effective standbys of ceramic and regular porcelain tile are still desired for their steady utility, but they don’t begin to approach the popularity of rich natural stone as well as modernized porcelain tiles. Stone tiles, in all their many and varied styles and hues, carry with them a certain, shall we say gravitas […]

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  • Tips to Enhance Your Home’s Foyer Décor

    Your foyer is generally the first area of the house to greet visitors, and in a sense, “sets the tone” for the overall decorating theme of the home. So whether you have a distinct and separate foyer space, or if your “foyer” is simply the entry point for a living room or hallway, you’ll want […]

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  • Learn 5 Detailed Steps to Sell Your Home

    If you plug a phrase like, “when’s the best time to sell my home” into a web search engine, you’ll get a bunch of articles declaring that the springtime months are the unequivocally easiest time to close the deal. But if you naively believe that April showers and May flowers are all it takes to […]

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  • Learn a Few Cost Effective Design Ideas via

    So you really want to give several of your living spaces a fresh look, but don’t have a big ”reno” budget to play around with. What can you do? Well, quite a bit as it turns out. By taking a cue from the leading designers, all of whom have mastered the art of creatively combining […]

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  • Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen As Summer Approaches

    Temperatures are creeping up, heavy overcoats are being packed away, and spring foliage is beginning to peek out. It’s not officially summer yet, but admit it: You can’t wait to get out back and start grilling again. Yes, we love our balmy springtimes and hot summers, with heading out back to toss some steaks on […]

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  • More Kitchen Design Trends In Time for Summer

    When it comes to design trends in 2015, kitchens remodels have never been hotter or more popular. Buoyed by increasing confidence in an economy that’s been on a steady and prolonged uptick, homeowners are finally loosening their purse strings and taking on new remodeling projects. And more than ever, kitchens remain their primary target. So […]

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