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  • Brush Up on These Summer Landscaping Tips

    As warmer weather rapidly approaches, homeowners are eager to get outside and start enjoying their lawns and patios once again. It’s one reason why outdoor living spaces are so desirable right now, especially in places with cold, bitter winters. People want to shake off the winter doldrums and take advantage of every long, hot summer […]

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  • Remodeling For Accessibility Without Sacrificing Style

    Today’s families feature more three-generation households than ever before, thanks to a growing number of aging baby boomers moving in with their adult children. So ensuring your entire home is safe, accessible, and comfortable for older parents with mobility concerns becomes a top priority. But you certainly want a stylish home with modern amenities as […]

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  • What You Should Know About Radiant Tile Floor Heating

    As the tail end of winter is upon us, it’s the perfect time to get a great deal on a radiant floor heating system given the seasonal trends. Additionally, if you’re already remodeling in time for a spring/summer sale, this is an ideal feature to include if you have tile in your home that’s prone […]

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  • Economical Kitchen Remodeling and Design Advice

    They say the kitchen is the heart of any home, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s often the first target of a remodel. Good times and good meals are shared in the kitchen, and homeowners enjoy bonding with their friends and family in a nicely appointed, modern space. But with popular remodeling publications […]

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  • Prepare Your Home For a Spring Sale

    In the real estate industry, spring is known to be the busiest time of the year for home sales. When the days lengthen and the temps rise, that’s when you’ll find prospective buyers out in droves eagerly searching for their new home. So if you’re looking to capitalize on this annual market uptick and sell […]

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  • Quartz or Granite for Kitchen Countertops?

    When it came to kitchen countertops, granite was long the gold standard. Its beautiful natural hues and patterns, formed deep within underground quarries, were simply irresistible to many homeowners. Everybody wanted a granite countertop, and were more than willing to shell out big bucks to get one. Fast forward to today, where granite has a […]

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  • “Green” Shower Cleaning Tips

    Everybody likes a sparkling clean shower, and if you share yours with two or more people you probably clean it at least once a week. But not everyone who desires a clean shower to walk into enjoys frequently exposing themselves to all those harsh and toxic chemicals that lurk inside commercially available shower cleaners. Fortunately, […]

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  • A Natural Stone Refresher: Granite, Limestone, Marble, and Slate

    Since the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs (at least), humanity has been fascinated by natural stone tiles. Stones taken from the Earth and cut to form decorative wall and floor foundations has long been a part of our history for several millennia, and our love affair with natural stone tiles still remains strong today. Stone […]

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