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  • The Advantages of Porcelain Tile Versus Ceramic Tile

    One of the most frequent requests we get from our customers is to explain to them the differences between ceramic and porcelain tile. They’ve often heard conflicting information, such as one contractor saying both types are essentially the same, while listening to another rattle off their many differences. Today’s post will hopefully clear up some […]

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  • The Future of Tile Design According to Italian Designers

    Tile manufacturers, by leveraging and combining the blossoming technology of digital photography with progressive manufacturing methods, are literally breaking the mold when it comes to producing the tiles of today. Now being fabricated in extra-large sheets and featuring exotic, funky, and never-seen-before designs, these innovative tile styles are becoming more commonplace within the tile industry, and trailblazing Italian designers […]

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  • 6 Home Improvement Ideas That Provide the Most Resale Bang for Your Buck

    When homeowners decide on a remodeling project, often it’s the aesthetics and utility of their new additions that they consider first – and not the eventual resale value.  And while there’s nothing wrong with spending on the treatments you truly desire, realtors and interior designers caution that splurging on top-notch additions doesn’t necessarily ensure that […]

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  • Learn About Stone Tile Liquidator’s Line of Miracle Sealants Stone and Tile Care Products

    Every owner of a tile application – whether it’s indoors or outdoors, kitchen or bathroom – knows the importance of having a high-quality sealant to protect their tile investment. Thus, at Stone Tile Liquidators, we now carry stone and tile care products from a company we’ve determined to be the best sealant company on the market for […]

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