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  • Revamp Your Bathroom with These Unique Design Tips

    For stressed and overworked folks craving a break from the daily grind, a luxurious bathroom can provide the perfect respite. For many, a warm tub surrounded by aromatic candles is the key to a proper bath time getaway, but in addition to the practicalities of candles and bubble bath, an immersive yet tranquil bathroom layout can unlock the key to the […]

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  • Natural Stone Slabs vs. Natural Stone Tiles: Helping You Decide Which Is Best for Your Design Project

    When it comes to designing or remodeling your home’s decor, entryway or backyard, few surfaces are as charming, impressive, stylish, and organic-feeling as natural stone. The term “natural stone,” by the way, is the general blanket phrase used to describe granite, marble, and many other decorative stone materials which have to be excavated from deep quarries within […]

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  • Energy-Generating Floor Tiles: The Outdoor Tile Floor of the Future?

    While our regular discussions are mostly centered around practical natural stone tile applications in residential and commercial properties, the following news story gives us an interesting glimpse into how innovation and technology are beginning to reshape the application and utility of outdoor floor tiles – particularly on big city streets, sidewalks and pedestrian walkways around the […]

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  • Choosing the Proper Tile Flooring for Moisture-Prone Rooms

    Installing new tile flooring is a foundational piece to any home improvement project. And while carpeting remains a popular choice, it’s not an ideal option when the room to be renovated has floor that’s susceptible to splashes, spills, leaks and flooding. In most cases, tile is the superior option, as its fabrication materials can run […]

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  • An Easy Update to Bring Color to Any Room: Glass Tiles

    Glass Tiles and Glass Tile Mosaics are most frequently used for: Kitchen Backsplashes Bathroom Décor, Tub Borders.   If you are looking at a certain room in your home and feeling that something needs to be changed, why not add tile? Well designed rooms always have a focal point. If its color you’re looking for, […]

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  • Stop Imagining Your Dream Kitchen and Build It with The STL Kitchen Visualizer Tool!

    When you shop for tile online, instead of visiting a showroom, you’re taking the most economically savvy approach to upgrading your home’s kitchen (or bathrooms) without the markup of a traditional brick and mortar tile store. However, despite being able to view beautiful standalone tile images plus every detail you need to know about a particular piece of tile through most online […]

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