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  • Why Marble May Not Be the Best Choice for Your Bathroom Remodel

    There’s a reason marble has been used as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. It is a beautiful material which once was a symbol of affluence and grace. In the modern era, it has become something of a go-to material for an elegant, smooth look. While it has many ideal applications, the truth is […]

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  • The Future of Bathroom Design

    Some interior design trends are timeless and may literally be around forever, but there is also something to be said about being fashion-forward. When looking to the future, designers and home owners have attempted to break out of the old molds and create something innovative and breathtaking,  but still ultimately practical. The latest trends in […]

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  • Why Quartz Has Overtaken Granite as the Most Popular Natural Stone Kitchen Countertop

    The tide is turning in the world of kitchen renovation. Since the 1990s, granite countertops have been in high demand to replace common and lackluster laminate counters. Well, now there’s a new player in town: quartz. Thanks to a recent revolution in materials engineering, quartz has become a contender in the hearts and minds of […]

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  • Explore the Different Varieties and Options for Natural Stone Pool Decking

    When you consider your pool, there is so much more that goes into it than providing a clean and cool means of refreshment during the dog days of summer. The pool area is a statement. It reflects your personal taste for aesthetics, and makes a major impression on your home’s visitors as well as potential home buyers if […]

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  • The 10 Types of Floor Tile Patterns

    When remodeling your home, the type of tile you use is a reflection of your personality, whether it’s glass, ceramic, or one of the many varieties of natural stone. However, the process only begins when you select your tile. How you lay it out says everything about your sense of aesthetic and taste. Here are […]

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