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  • How to Select the Best Shower Tile for Your Bathroom

    When selecting tile for your bathroom’s shower, there are a few things to keep in mind. The colors are obviously important, but patterning, size and finish must also be taken into account. What we love about tile (generally speaking) is how unique each type of tile can be; so carefully consider the following factors before you make […]

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  • Natural Stone: Color Variation Beyond Anticipation

    Most of the folks who is looking to use natural stone in a whole house renovation or just a flooring upgrade to a small powder room already know that natural stone comes with variation. However, our goal with this blog post today is to give you a few examples and as we tried to guide […]

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  • Alternatives to Granite Kitchen Countertops

    Earlier this year, we blogged about the top trends in kitchen and bathroom design trends for 2014. One of those trends included quartzite countertops which overtook granite as the most popular choice for kitchen countertops among homeowners and designers.  The primary argument against granite is price; there are many countertop options that are just as visually […]

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  • Long-Lasting Natural Stone: Golden White Quartzite

    As Stone Tile Liquidators, we are pleased to share pictures of our Golden White 12×12 quartzite installed on steps of our Fairfax, VA showroom.     This beautiful light colored quartzite combines white, green, gold and brown colors and can be used both inside and outside of your house. So, you are not limited. Bathrooms, […]

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  • Make the Right Choice for Your Kitchen Backsplash

    When refacing kitchen countertops, the choices you make regarding materials are very important. Whether you’re looking to use marble, granite, or quartzite tile, you want your countertops to be attractive, durable, and capable of withstanding years of punishment without showing the wear. There is, however, one complementary aspect of your kitchen you can no longer […]

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  • Consider Your Pets in Home Remodeling Projects

    In our blog, we usually discuss the many uses of natural stone tile as well as glass, mosaic and porcelain tiles, but we also like to provide general tips and advice related to home construction, design and remodeling since our expertise goes hand in hand with these areas. One area that should not be ignored, (and which […]

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  • Tips for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project with Natural Stone Tile

    There are a multitude of bathroom remodeling companies out there who claim that they can fix all of your bathroom woes with an acrylic tub and sink, fake walls, and a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, these quick-fix solutions are just like putting a band-aid on a wound without treating the underlying cause. If you […]

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  • Five Smart Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Courtesy of Consumer Reports

    There is a reason that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is where food is prepared, where the family sits down for meals, and it can even be a room where the kids do their homework or you entertain guests. A properly designed kitchen has to have the right sense of […]

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  • The Versatility of Glass Tile in Home Remodeling Projects

    Glass is one of the oldest materials used by humankind for decorative and artistic use. It is easy to clean, can be clear, reflective, or translucent, and comes in any color you can imagine. Plus, it has so many different uses and applications that there’s probably a use of glass to cover just about anything your need. […]

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