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  • How to Order Free Tile Samples from

    When shopping online for natural stone tile as well as glass, porcelain and mosaic tile, it’s no secret that no matter how interactive and impressive an online tile store’s presentation is —  including its tile product images — most tile shoppers still prefer to evaluate a product in person despite more affordable prices online versus brick […]

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  • Meet Stone Tile Liquidators at the Major Flooring Shows of 2015

    It’s convention season again, and many of the big trade shows have already come and gone. It’s now time to look forward to next year, and what is in store for early 2015. The two most important flooring shows out there function as networking and information exchange events for many of the largest trade people […]

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  • The Current State and Forecast of the Flooring Industry

    We live in uncertain economic times. For every indication that the economy is bouncing back, there are other signs that people are still out of work, that buying a house is difficult, despite the decreasing interest rates valiantly trying to change that, and that the markets are still wildly fluctuating. The flooring industry is indelibly […]

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Green Building Solutions and Sustainability

    The future of the construction industry is here, and it is green. Sustainable, clean energy and a low carbon footprint are the buzz words of the industry now, and the trend doesn’t look like it is going anywhere in the future. There is a strong focus on green design as we seek to preserve the […]

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  • With Summer Coming Up, Iridescent Glass Tiles Can Take Your Swimming Pool Tile to the Next Level

    It’s construction and home improvement season, and as planning and construction move into full swing, many people are turning their attention to the building or renovation of their home swimming pool. There are, as with any aspect of the construction set, popular trends every year for pool design aesthetics. This year and over the past […]

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