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  • Protect Your Natural Stone Tile Kitchen Countertops With These Practical Steps

    You’ve finally invested in natural stone tile kitchen countertops such as granite, marble or quartzite. They look beautiful from every direction. The question you must now ask is, “How do I maintain this beautiful look for years to come?” Some natural stone tiles require more care than others but it’s still a good idea to […]

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  • Stone Tile Liquidators Unveils New Showroom in Fairfax, VA: Selecting the Right Natural Stone Tile for Your Project Has Never Been Easier

      It’s no secret, natural stone tiles are one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to upgrade your home or office floors, countertops, entry-ways, walls and exteriors. As offered through our web store for years, there are many different types of natural stone tile including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, quartzite, onyx, and slate. While shopping online […]

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  • Black Slate is the New Black: Another 2014 Natural Stone Tile Flooring Trend

    Slate is a popular choice for flooring nowadays as it’s a “fine-grained” member of the metamorphic family of rocks, which also includes quartz. As detailed in our recent blog post on 2014 design trends, quartz has overtaken granite as the preferred kitchen countertop material. Not to be outdone by its “family member,” black slate tile […]

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  • The Top Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends of 2014 Expanded

    In our recent blog post, “The Top 8 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends Among Homeowners and Designers in 2014,” we touched on the recent report from the National Kitchen and Bath Association which listed the top 8 bathroom/kitchen design trends for 2014.  Simplicity, low maintenance and cost effectiveness were the common themes among homeowners and designers this year. In today’s […]

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  • The Not-Too Distant Future of Kitchen Design

    Even though this blog is primarily focused on educating our customers on the many benefits and attributes of natural stone tiles, from time to time, we cover other topics homeowners, interior decorators, and contractors might need to catch up on like current and future kitchen design trends. Forbes’ Erin Carlyle recently penned an interesting feature […]

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  • The Top 8 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends Among Homeowners and Designers in 2014

    At Stone Tile Liquidators, we strive to be more than just an online storefront for tile or a blog that only covers natural stone tile related topics.  In addition to our online storefront, we also have a showroom in Fairfax, VA so you can meet our expert staff in person and see our product on […]

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