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  • Pebbles Are The Finishing Touch Your Backyard Has Been Waiting For…

    Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to get outdoors and begin sprucing up your backyard or garden. Grass and mulch can be quite messy and are rather difficult to maintain as both have to be replaced time and time again. Have you considered landscaping with pebbles instead? Pebbles are a popular choice […]

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  • Explore the World of Tumbled Cobbles In Time for Summer

    If you’ve been in the market for a versatile landscaping product that looks great with any home style, look no further than tumbled cobbles. Tumbled cobbles come in a variety of different colors and can be used to provide an appealing update to any outdoor space. These pavers provide a variety of different benefits for […]

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  • A Refresher Course: The Pros/Cons of Each Natural Stone Tile

    While we’ve covered each type of natural stone at length in various blog posts and articles, we feel it’s time for a refresher course since Spring is here and this is when home remodeling really heats up as do home sales. Because natural stone comes from the earth, there are many variations in color and […]

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  • Proceed with Caution: Avoiding the Most Common DIY Natural Stone Tile Mistakes

    You’ve pored through every conceivable design magazine, in search of the perfect natural stone tile for your home project. You finally chose one, and you can’t wait to get it installed, and you’ve decided on do-it-yourself. Let us start by saying, you’re a brave soul. Taking on a DIY tile project is a bit daunting, […]

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