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  • The Great Outdoors: Planning an Outdoor Kitchen with Natural Stone Tile

    Outdoor kitchens can be an amazing addition to a home. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors, have a functional dining and entertaining space, and increase your home’s value. Unfortunately, when done incorrectly, they can also turn into an eyesore. Planning a fabulous outdoor kitchen isn’t just about choosing the best materials or adding the […]

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  • Coordinating Your Home’s Color Palette with Your Natural Stone Tile Floors or Countertops

    Whether you’re doing a home remodel, just a bit of freshening up, or preparing to move into the home of your dreams, the color palette you choose is going to have an impact on every decision you make. While there are no definitive rules for choosing the best palette for your home, there are considerations […]

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  • Year-Round Island Time: Tips for Designing the Ideal Island

    Okay, maybe we’re not talking about a tropical island. We’re actually talking about one of the most important aspects of kitchen design for many homeowners—the island. A kitchen island is one of the most sought-after features in a kitchen, but it can be tricky to get it right. In fact, we recently included a bad […]

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  • Design Disaster: Don’t Make These Mistakes In Your Kitchen Remodel

    We’ve given a lot of attention lately to kitchen redesigns—after all, the kitchen is often the most expansive, yet important remodel you can do in a home. We typically discuss what you should do to have a great kitchen, but it’s not just the “Do’s” that have a big impact on your design options. In […]

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