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  • 5 Tips to Keep Kitchen Remodeling Costs Under Control

    Kitchen remodels are expensive no matter how you go about it. According to Popular Mechanics, completing the most minor of remodeling projects costs about $18,500 on average. To completely strip and remodel a kitchen costs an average of $54,000. For this price, property owners are able to let someone else do most of the work. […]

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  • A Profile of Subway Glass Tiles

    Since the advent of the subway system in New York in 1904, subway glass tiles have been in vogue. Widely recognized as one of the most durable tiles in the world, these glass rectangles now cover the walls and floors of underground transit systems across the planet and are seen by millions of transit customers […]

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  • Real Estate Market Check: Consider a Remodel and Sell!

    If you’ve been waiting on a stronger housing marketing to sell your home, we’ve have encouraging news to report. From New York to Charlotte, Denver to Dallas and Portland to San Diego real estate markets are showing strong signs of improvement since January of 2013. The worst of the housing bust is over and it’s […]

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  • The Iconic Look of Natural Stone Tile and Steel is Here to Stay

    The look of stainless steel appliances offset by natural stone tiles is iconic in the American home design landscape. At one time, the absence of color on appliances was commonplace, resulting in flooring and countertops being the only real way to reflect personal style. Like white, metallic appliances are also capable of matching with just […]

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