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  • Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Easier

    Remodeling a bathroom can be done in as little as two days or as long as weeks, depending upon the original condition of the room. The first step to any remodel should be assessing what needs to be replaced. Is the subflooring rotten below the shower or tub? Is the ceiling a mess? What about […]

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  • Tile Tips for Small Bathrooms Go Over Big in Remodels

    Bathrooms may be small, but they’re busy. The aesthetic appeal of a bathroom is very important to its comfort level. Remodeling the smallest room in the house is a great launching point to increasing the overall appeal and value of homes. It’s a cheap way to boost a home’s sale price as well. Many homeowners […]

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  • Natural Stone Tile Helps Spark Real Estate Bidding Wars Among Buyers

    The economy is finally on the road to recovery, and the housing market is reflecting that fact. According to the Los Angeles Times, housing prices are skyrocketing, and home sellers are enjoying double digit price gains. Many homeowners have been patiently waiting out the recession to sell their homes in the hopes of making a […]

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Home with Natural Stone Tile

    Remodeling homes is more popular than ever. Homeowners across the nation are upgrading to natural stone tile for many purposes beyond just  the enjoyment of its beautiful appearance. With nearly all homes requiring at least two rooms be filled with tile, there are some great arguments out there for ditching carpet and redoing floors with […]

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  • Stone Tile Liquidators Opens Doors to Wholesale Buyers

    When searching the market for the perfect home, buyers want to find the most beautiful, affordable and luxurious home possible. Real estate agents, interior designers, contractors and house flippers make it their business to make homes look as appealing as possible. Creating an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and beauty is a must. It’s when buyers […]

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