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  • Turning a Bathroom Into an Oasis After You’ve Remodeled with Natural Stone

    Whether you’re completing a few updates, or a full remodel with natural stone tile, having great bathrooms, particularly master bathrooms, is a viable way to increase the value of a home. Often the first step in selecting the products that will be used in a bathroom is to choose high quality natural stone, such as […]

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  • Look Beyond Price When Selecting a Natural Stone Tile Installer

    If you’re a homeowner who’s made the decision to include natural stone tile in your home, regardless of the scope of the project, it’s important to do the necessary research to find an installer that is going to do quality work. All too often, homeowners use price as the only factor in making the decision […]

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  • Bring Luxury Home with the Creative Use of Marble

    The Burj Al Arab has gained a reputation as the world’s most luxurious hotel, and for good reason. Located in Dubai, with scenic views of the desert and the Persian Gulf, the Burj Al Arab is a stunning feat of architecture and design. The opulent Islamic-inspired design features rich colors, grand, spacious rooms and lobbies […]

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  • Choosing Natural Stone Tiles for the Summer Sun

    With Memorial Day quickly becoming a distant memory, the summer has officially started. Regardless of the area of the country in which you live, you’re likely preparing yourself to encounter the sultry days of summer, and while you may be ready to deal with the heat, is your tile? Whether you’re planning an entire remodel […]

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  • Creating a Mosaic Masterpiece with Glass Tile

    Elton John can now be added to the list of celebrities that are taking advantage of the style and versatility offered by glass tile. The music superstar’s home bathroom was recently featured in a design publication, and central to the design were glass mosaics made from stunning 24-carat white gold glass tiles. While gold glass […]

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