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  • See How a Luxury Home Is Enhanced by Natural Stone Tiles

    When searching for their next home, homebuyers have particular things in mind. They generally know how many bedrooms and bathrooms they want, what other rooms they would like to have, and the aesthetic or style they are most drawn to. It is not these things that truly sell a home, however. When comparing the various […]

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  • Using Natural Stone to Increase the Appeal of Your Home

    After a disturbingly long time at a historically low point, the housing market is finally experiencing an upswing. This gradual increase in the value of homes is considered a much healthier form of improvement than sudden, dramatic increases. Financial analysts are viewing the slow, but steady increase in the housing market is a strong indication […]

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  • US Demand for Natural Stone Tile to Increase Through 2017

    Natural stone is already a coveted material in the home improvement and décor industry. Granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone give elegance, beauty and timeless luxury to homes that is expected to only increase in demand over the coming years. It is expected that the demand for natural stone decorative time will increase 6.7 […]

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  • The Finished Product: Calacatta Gold Marble

    Natural stone is one of the most sought-after home materials. Among these luxurious materials, Calacatta Gold marble is the most desirable. Sourced from Italy, this incredibly gorgeous fine stone was first made famous by the art of Michelangelo. Considered by many to be the finest marble available in the world, Calacatta Gold is an ideal […]

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  • How to Care for Marble vs. Granite

    Natural stone is an incredible way to add beauty, elegance and luxury to your home. Whether you are using marble to accent your fireplace or granite to create interest and visual appeal to your kitchen counters, these natural stones can dramatically enhance the look, value and experience of your home. If you have chosen to […]

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  • Order Free Tile and Product Samples from Stone Tile Liquidators

    In order to provide the most enjoyable and realistic shopping experience online, we have now enabled our customers to order FREE SAMPLES for any product found in our web site from granite tiles to marble tile.  We know the importance of seeing, feeling and visualizing what could become your most significant investment in your home: […]

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