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  • Durock or Hardibacker?

    Whether you are planning a tile project for any interior or exterior application, it is vital that you choose the proper underlayment panels to ensure a supportive base and proper leveling. More specifically, for areas prone to becoming wet, you must opt for a waterproof, mold-resistant material that will last. There are two types of […]

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  • Choosing the Right Kitchen Backsplash Tile

    When choosing the right kitchen backsplash tile, you must consider coordinating the design with the surrounding components in your kitchen such as the countertop, cabinets, and/or floor tiles. In this blog post. we’ll break down what you need to consider for each in terms of budget, material, design and maintenance. Budget: Don’t let price determine […]

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  • Reasons To Choose Natural Stone Pool Coping

    Provides Safety: This is the number one concern when choosing pool coping as it should be slip-resistant for wet hands and wet feet. We started this blog to make these points and facts known and widespread to anyone interested in natural stone related solutions and products, not just customers of Stone Tile Liquidators.  Natural stone provides the […]

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  • Glazed Versus Through Body Porcelain

    When using porcelain tiles for a remodeling project,  you must determine which type of porcelain is most fitting to the application or area where you plan to lay it. It’s important to factor function with the right balance of beauty when deciding which porcelain to choose.  We often see buyers become emotionally attached to the […]

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