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  • Hardwood Floor with the Look of Porcelain Tiles

    The Versatility of Porcelain If you love the genuine hardwood floor-look but you prefer tiles for their durability, porcelain tiles that resemble wood are certainly the best choice. Porcelain tiles that resemble hardwood floors are waterproof and therefore make for practical flooring. They also come in different textures and a variety of patterns, making for […]

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  • Natural Stone Floor Design Ideas

    Choosing a floor design for your personal or work project could be an unassuming task due to the vast numbers of choices that you are presented with in today’s marketplace. In fact, selecting the right pattern for your tiles of choice will bring out the natural beauty of the stone. There are tiles with many […]

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  • Slate Tiles

    Slate tile is a natural stone that is primarily used as building material. Slate tiles are resistant to becoming chipped and/or breaking due to their durability. Slate is commonly used in applications such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces. The top reasons slate tiles are used for outdoor applications is due to its slip-resistance and […]

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  • Choosing The Right Grout

    Grout acts a sealant or mortar that binds tiles together, in addition to being a separator to keep tiles a specific distance apart in order to prevent damage from one another. It is important to choose the correct grout for your tiles so that the maintenance of your tiles will remain minimal and to extend […]

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  • Top 5 Natural Stone Monuments of the Ancient and Modern World

    Although we have access to many man-made alternatives to natural stones today, natural stone is held in such high regard that we traditionally use natural stones to show honor and quality dedication to respected figures of our time. We practice this custom as our cousins did thousands of years back when they built their projects […]

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