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  • Topical Sealers Versus Impregnators

    How To Seal Natural Stone Sealing natural stone is not as nearly as challenging as actually installing stone tiles or applying a particular finish to a stone’s surface. Rather, sealing natural stone can be stress-free for any homeowner, as long as you follow the proper procedures. Furthermore, sealing natural stone is an outstanding way to […]

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  • Chiseled Versus Tumbled Travertine Pavers 

    As in choosing any tile or stone, one must keep in mind intent or really use logic when choosing an application for different finishes of stone. If a finish is smooth and honed like a chiseled edge stone, it’s not the best application for an outdoor walkway since people are more prone to slipping. On […]

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  • Advantages of Porcelain Tile Flooring

    What are Porcelain Tiles? Porcelain tiles are a variety of ceramic tiles made from a very dense type of clay, that when heated severely, ends up as hard as granite. Porcelain is made and sold based on the denseness of the tile. The higher the number or rating on its respective scale, the more dense […]

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  • Removing Stains From Natural Stones

    Natural stones such as granite and marble can stain easily due to the porous quality of the stone’s material. There are many different types of stains that require different treatments to remove each stain from each respective stone type. In many cases, a soft moist mass called a poultice is used, made up of prescribed […]

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