Container Load Orders

When Do You Need To Order By Container Load?

Many projects including hotels, airports, offices, government buildings, shopping centers, retail stores, real estate properties and many other projects may require special size, finish, thickness or color natural stone or porcelain tile flooring. Based on the requirements or preferences, products not found or stocked domestically may need to be ordered in a container from overseas.

While 12x12, 12x24, 16x16, 18x18 and other sizes (generally speaking) are widely available, custom size products such as 24x24, 24x48, 36x36, 18x36, 48x48 or even larger products would be a special order. Also, special finishes such as flamed (also known as thermal finish) honed or chiseled might need to be special ordered. Many projects particularly exterior projects involving landscaping products such as pavers, cobbles or flagstones may require a certain thickness and therefore container-load ordering might be necessary.

Due to the freight costs involved, projects that require minimum 2,000 sq. ft. can be special ordered.


Container Port In New Jersey How Long Does It Normally Take To Receive A Special Container-Load Order?

Container load orders take between 60 – 120 calendar days to receive. The receiving date can be adversely affected by many things including but not limited to the Acts of God (Force Majeure);

  • war, whether declared or not, civil war or any other armed conflict, military or non-military interference by any third party state or states, acts of terrorism or serious threats of terrorist attacks, sabotage or piracy, strike or boycott, acts of governments or any other acts of authority whether lawful or unlawful, blockade, siege or sanctions, or
  • accidents, fires, explosions, plagues, or
  • natural disasters such as but not limited to storm, cyclone, hurricane, earthquake, landslide, flood, drought etc., or
  • any event of a similar nature.

Stone Tile Liquidators is not responsible for any delays caused beyond our control. Aforementioned delays might happen. We will do our best to communicate them to you to the best of our knowledge. The delay times will be added to the original ETA provided to you.



Container Ships 

  Updates We Provide

  We will do our best to keep you informed and provide an update to you;

   *When your order is ready at the factory in the country of origin.

   *When the container is shipped from the port of departure.

   *When the container (if required) has arrived/left the port of call i.e. the intermediate port.

   *When the container arrives to the final port of arrival.

   *When the container clears the customs and duty process.

   *When and how the ground transportation is being handled for the final leg of delivery.





Payment Terms for Container Load Orders

Full payment upon ordering is necessary without an exception. The products ordered are being specifically cut to size and finished per your requirements and cannot be provided to another customer.

Container Load Orders can only be cancelled in the first 48 hours of payment receipt date and time.

Stone Tile Liquidators will not initiate the ordering process until full payment is received.

Payments for container load orders can only be made by either check or wire transfer. No credit card is accepted.

All other terms and conditions stated on our site including our natural stone disclaimer are applicable to container load orders as well.

Stone Tile Liquidators reserves the right to make any changes to this "container load orders" page at any time without any notice.

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We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Please contact us with any questions.

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we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Please contact us with any questions. - See more at: